With the second half of the APB World Tour now just days away, we figured it was time to adjust our earlier predictions for the 2015 World Title.

Not everything goes as predicted, and there have been some interesting surprises in this year’s world title race. One thing is for certain; this year’s world title race is going to be very interesting.



The rundown:

Round 1: Itacoatiara Pro, Brazil
Winner: Amaury Lavernhe

Round 2: Arica Chilean Challenge, Chile
Winner: Jared Houston

Round 3: Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, Chile
Winner: Lewy Finnegan

Coming up:

Round 4: Sintra Pro, Portugal
Dates: 22 – 27 September, 2015

Round 5: Nazare Pro, Portugal
Dates: September 29 – October 4, 2015

Round 6: Encanto Pro Cultura, Puerto Rico
Dates: 4 – 15 November, 2015

Changes from our last predictions:
Out: Dave Hubbard, Jeff Hubbard, Ben Player – All three riders did not compete during the South American leg. Dave and Jeff Hubbard are both expected to compete in the European leg.

In: Iain Campbell, Sergio Luis, Diego Cabrera, Sacha Damjanic, Kalani Lattanzi, Antonio Cardoso.


  • Alan Muñoz (Chile) 80-1
  • Previous odds: 40-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 43(900 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: out injured
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: did not compete

At the start of the tour, we had high expectations that this would be the year that Chile’s Alan Munoz solidified his place in the top 10 of the world rankings. And he did not disappoint early, with a respectable ninth-place finish at Brazil’s Itacoatiara Pro. However, after sustaining a foot injury doing a risky roll onto almost dry rocks during his heat in Arica, Munoz was forced to withdraw from the competition and did not make an appearance at Antofagasta. We hope Munoz can heal in time to finish the rest of the tour and qualify for 2016.


  • Eder Luciano (Brazil) 50-1
  • Previous odds: 30-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 20(2168 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 17th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 25th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

It has been a slow start to the season for Brazil’s Eder Luciano. The dual ISA World Surfing Games bodyboard champion had a relatively disappointing result in front of his home fans at Itacoatiara, followed by an early round exit at Arica. However, Luciano bounced back with a respectable ninth place at Antofagasta, and we know the Brazilian can perform in the small stuff at Sintra. Luciano is still within striking distance of a world title, but it is a long shot.


  • Israel Salas (Brazil) 40-1
  • Previous odds: 20-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 17(2348 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 25th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 9th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

We wouldn’t say Israel Salas has underperformed this year, but we can’t say that he has exceeded expectations either. A lot can happen in three events and Salas is a proven performer at Sintra. Perhaps now is the time he can rise to the occasion? It will be a case of wait and see, but we will put Salas down as a very outside chance.


  • Lucas Nogueira (Brazil) 30-1
  • Previous odds: 20-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 13(2600 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 9th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

If there was one thing we could say about Lucas Nogueira is that he is consistent. The Brazilian has finished in ninth place in all three events so far this year but has failed to make it into the quarter-finals or further. However, we haven’t given up on him just yet. Nogueira has winning form in Europe after taking out the 2013 Sintra Pro. A repeat performance in 2015 will certainly put him within reach of a world title.


  • Sacha Damjanic (Chile) 25-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 11(2692 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 17th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 4th

While all the eyes of Chile may have been on his countryman Alan Munoz, Sacha Damjanic has come from nowhere to sit in 11th on the world rankings. This is coming off the back of a solid ninth place finish in Brazil followed by a semi-final appearance at Antofagasta. Last year Damjanic was ranked 54th in the world. We expect he will be much higher come November.


  • Antonio Cardoso (Portugal) 22-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 10(2726 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 4th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 17th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

It is weird seeing Antonio Cardoso anywhere without his trusty helmet. Even this photo is freaking us out a little. But helmet or no helmet, Cardoso will be looking to impress when the tour hits his homeland. The guy lives for big beach breaks and we think he will be one of the stars during the Nazare Pro. One to watch.


  • Diego Cabrera (Canary Islands) 20-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 9(2790 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 3rd
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 25th

Despite finishing 14th in last year’s world title race, we didn’t give Diego Cabrera the credit he deserved.We just figured he got lucky. We figured wrong. The Canary Islands shredder can compete with the best of them, and he proved that with a third-place finish at Arica. It is easy to tell that Cabrera prefers the shallow reefs over the beach breaks, so we’re not sure how his style will translate to the sand bottom waves of Portugal. But if there is one lesson to be learned from all this, that is to not count this guy out.

alex-uranga bandw

  • Alex Uranga (Basque Country) 19-1
  • Previous odds: 12-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 15(2394 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 17th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 5th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 25th

It has been an up and down season so far for Alex Uranga. The Basque Country bodyboarder finished 17th at Itacoatiara before cruising all the way to a quarter-final finish at Arica. However, he must be disappointed with his 25th placing at Antofagasta. But we are not ruling Uranga out just yet, the guy is a proven winner in Portugal after taking out last year’s Sumol Nazare Pro event. A repeat performance this year might just be the boost he needs.


  • Kalani Lattanzi (Brazil)18-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 14(2541 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 3rd
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 33rd
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 17th

No matter what happens over these next two months, 2015 has been the biggest year in Kalani Lattanzi’s life career-wise. The Brazilian, who spends a lot of time in Hawaii, was a relative unknown in the bodyboarding world until that swell at Puerto Escondido thrust him into the spotlight. His efforts earned him a wildcard spot at Itacoatiara, which he grabbed with both hands and came home with a trophy. He has since struggled to get out of the early rounds on competition during the Chile leg, but if the waves are big in Nazare, we know Kalani will be in his element.


  • Sergio Luis (Brazil)16-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 7(2798 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 5th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

Bom Dia! Brazil is without a doubt killing it this year with almost half of the APB top 20 coming from the land of Ronaldo and Samba. Three of those are in the top 10, including Sergio Luis. In our last article we didn’t even give Luis a look, well the Brazilian has shown us why he is worth more than a look after an impressive quarter-final showing at Arica. Keep an eye on this guy.

Tanner McDaniel

  • Tanner McDaniel (Hawaii) 15-1
  • Previous odds: 26-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 12(2618 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 5th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 17th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

When it comes to Hawaiian supergrom Tanner McDaniel, we really shouldn’t be surprised by his achievements anymore. The kid won the Pipeline trials at just 12 years old and is probably the most exciting prospect in bodyboarding right now. But once again, the now 16-year-old has gone above and beyond expectations and established himself as a genuine contender in his rookie APB Tour season. After a quarter-final appearance in giant conditions in Brazil, Tanner backed up his performance with a 17th and 9th during the Chilean events. McDaniel’s stock is on the rise and we wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a final before the year is out.

jose otavio

  • Jose Otavio (Brazil) 14-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 6(2903 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 17th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 4th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 5th

Yet another Brazilian who has come from nowhere to sitting pretty in the top 10 is Jose Otavio.Otavio earned a wildcard to the Itacoatiara Pro in Brazil where he went on to finish with a respectable 17th place. He then earned himself another wildcard spot at Arica, where he went all the way to the semi-finals before getting knocked out. Otavio followed this up with a quarter-final appearance at Antofagasta. Who knows what the kid will do next.


  • Jacob Romero (Hawaii) 10-1
  • Previous odds: 8-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 23(1876 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: DNC
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 9th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 5th

Despite sitting way down in the APB rankings, we are still big on Jacob Romero. Why? Because the guy has been on fire lately and possesses a certain stylistic edge that the judges like to see. J-Rom was unable to compete in Brazil but still managed a 9th and 5th at the Chile events. Expect big things in the coming months.

Iain Campbell

  • Iain Campbell (South Africa)8-1
  • Previous odds: n/a
  • Current APB Ranking: 5(3166 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 5th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 3rd

If somebody told us at the start of the year that South Africa’s Iain Campbell would be sitting in the APB top five, with a podium finish to his name, we probably would have called them crazy. Oh how wrong we were. The South African has been on fire this season. From going big at Itacoatiara to an impressive podium finish at Antofagasta. Campbell has improved with each round. Will the European leg be where the young Saffa wins his maiden world tour event? Either way, he has got to be happy with how he has performed this year. Expect big things in the future if not this year.

Lewy Finnegan

  • Lewy Finnegan (Australia) 6-1
  • Previous odds: 24-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 4(3418 pionts)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 5th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 17th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 1st

The sole Australian on this year’s world tour has been the cinderella story thus far. Lewy Finnegan went into this year’s world tour more interested in enjoying the experience rather than gunning for the title. However after a quarter-final finish at Brazil and an impressive victory at Antofagasta – where he also beat defending world champion Amaury Lavernhe in his semi-final heat – the kid from a small town north of Perth has become a genuine title threat this year. He has already proven he can win on the world stage. Can he go all the way in 2015?


  • Pierre-Louis Costes (France) 5-1
  • Previous odds: 3-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 7(2798 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 9th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 5th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 9th

It is well known that Pierre-Louis Costes has had a disappointing start to his 2015 world title campaign. But in saying that, anything short of first place is probably a disappointment for the former world champ. After recently marrying the love of his life earlier this year we can’t help but think PLC may have had other things on his mind going into South America. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and we are sure the Frenchman will not go down without a fight in Europe.

Uri_Valadao_portrait (1)

  • Uri Valadao (Brazil) 4-1
  • Previous odds: 6-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 2(3824 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 2nd
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 9th
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 2nd

We haven’t witnessed Uri win an event this year, but he still sits comfortably in outright second place on the rankings. Why is this you may ask? Consistency. The Brazilian is more consistent than D’bah. He has posted two runner-up finishes so far and will be tough to beat on the beach breaks of Sintra and Nazare. The 2008 world champion could again be looking at another world title in 2015.


  • Jared Houston (South Africa) 3-1
  • Previous odds: 4-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 3(3424 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 25th
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 1st
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 5th

In our last article, we speculated that 2015 could certainly be the year that Jared Houston hoists up the world champion trophy, and nothing has changed. “Jerry” has leapfrogged his Pride Bodyboards teammate Pierre-Louis Costes as the second favourite to take this year’s competition. After a disappointing result in Brazil, the South African absolutely blitzed the field to win at an action packed Arica event. He backed this up with a solid quarter-final finish at Antofagasta. While the small beach breaks of Sintra may not be his strong point, we think Jerry will make plenty of noise at Nazare, with the powerful Portuguese beach break not too dissimilar to what he grew up with in South Africa.


  • Amaury Lavernhe (Reunion Island) 2-1
  • Previous odds: 2-1
  • Current APB Ranking: 1(4324 points)
  • Itacoatiara Pro: 1st
  • Arica Chilean Challenge: 2nd
  • Antofagasta BB Festival: 5th

When Moz destroyed Uri Valadao in the final of the opening round at Itacoatiara, we figured it might be easier just to give the man his world title trophy now and be done with it. He looked unstoppable. As he did at Arica on his way to the final before finally coming undone at the hands of Jared Houston. Moz still holds a cushy 500 points lead going into Sintra, but his loss to Houston and again to Finnegan at Antofagasta proves that the defending world champion can be beaten. He is still our top pick to win it all again, but things will certainly be interesting over these next two months.

Let us know what you think of our picks in the comments below.

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