Josh Pritchard nails a flip in Indo while Pierre-Louis Costes watches on

Have you ever surfed with one of your heroes?

There you are just catching a few waves and you look over to see a strangely familiar face in the lineup near you.

Is that? No, it couldn’t be…

That same bodyboarder who has adorned the posters on your wall, and you have seen in countless videos and magazines is sitting there in the lineup just like any other keen wave rider.

For the lucky few that have encountered this, it truly is an awesome experience.

For Aussie bodyboarder Josh Pritchard, he got just that during a solo trip to that wave in Java where he was sharing the lineup with the likes of Ryan Hardy, Nick Gornall and former world champion Pierre-Louis Costes.

Just that would be enough to make any frothing booger’s trip, but Josh also managed to nail a flip right in front of PLC, and has the photo to prove it.

We hope Josh’s mates shouted him a few beers for his efforts. Well done mate.

Just back to Bali from Java, spent 2 weeks at watukarung, most ridiculously mechanical booging wave I’ve ever surfed. Went over solo and the day after I got there Hardy and Gornall came to film for passing through 2 and then Pierre came a couple of days later. So sick to see that sort of quality in the water!

Pierre’s girlfriend (now wife – ed) was shooting and I managed to score this shot off her, pretty stoked, creased my almost brand new board landing it so getting a decent snap sort of makes up for it haha, pierres sitting on the shoulder having a cheeky peek too for a cherry on top haha.