Is this the biggest wipeout ever at The Right?

Entry #7 of the Nomad Bodyboards Big Wave Awards

When the “swell of the decade” marched its way up Australia’s West Coast, there was only one place that the world’s top big wave surfers wanted to be: The Right.

And while the sessions that ensued made way for some of the biggest, heaviest and downright scariest waves ever witnessed in surfing history, there was one wipeout that left many shaking their head in disbelief.

We’re not sure if Damian Martin has ever been inside a tornado or had a ton of bricks fall on him, but this wave at The Right would probably be a similar experience.

Watch as how Damo makes his way across a seemingly normal wave face (well, as normal as  a giant swell at The Right can be) before things start to go awry.

The wave starts to bubble and mutate, Damo does his best to get around one section, but his efforts are futile. The wave collapses in on itself and an entire ocean comes crashing down on him.

We’re not sure how Damo survived this beatdown, but he did, and word is he is gearing up for another slog at the infamous slab.

Good luck brother…

Entry # 7 of the Nomad Bodyboards Big Wave Awards

Filmed by James Strickland