The school holidays are upon us.

In Australia, they come four times every year and as a result nearly every popular surf break doubles or triples in size.

With the increase in crowd sizes comes the decrease in surf etiquette as angered locals, hapless tourists, weekend warriors and everyone in between duke it out to get their fill.

And there is no place more crowded and angry than Gold Coast’s Snapper Rocks.

Unfortunately, one Gold Coast bodyboarder has already felt the wrath of the school holidays crowds after suffering a severe gash to the top of his head when he was run over by a surfer.

The 15-year-old North Bodyboard Club member said he was duck diving under a wave about 8.30am when a surfer shot out of the tube and over his head.

Bodyboarder Caleb Brereton was hospitalised after being hit by a surfboard recently.
Bodyboarder Caleb Brereton was hospitalised after being hit by a surfboard recently.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, it took four internal stitches and seven metal staples to close the gaping wound.

Now we’re not saying anyone is to blame here, and we are certainly not making this another stupid surfer versus bodyboarder argument.

But we do think the issue of overcrowding and surf etiquette needs to be addressed.

This young bodyboarder was lucky to remain conscious throughout the ordeal and able to swim to shore with his friends. But we’d hate to think what might have happened had the impact knocked him out completely and nobody noticed.

There are suggestions of implementing surf police in the lineups, but frankly we’d rather take up another sport than see something as ridiculous as that happen.

Our suggestion: avoid the crowds. North Bodyboard Club President Stevie Lloyd said it best when he suggested staying away from the notorious break.

Your most memorable surf session will not be that time you scrapped it out with 300 other people, only to be dropped in on, yelled at or possibly injured.

The best times are spent when it is just you and your mates at an uncrowded spot. Even though the wave might not be as long or as hollow, the good times will be ten-fold.

Stay safe out there kids.