Salt Horizon Episode One – Drain Pipes

Matt, Joe and Ash score ridiculously long barrels on the Gold Coast

select_logoEpisode one of the new Salt Horizon season is finally here, and boy is it a cracker.

Entitled Drain Pipes, the episode features Gold Coast buddies and Limited Edition/Nomad/Custom X teammates Matt Lackey, Joe Clarke and Ash Bryant scoring seemingly endless Superbank barrels.

Editor’s note: keep an eye out for the two-minute mark when Ash makes a ridiculously long barrel. Many bodyboarders would kill for that much time in the tube Ash!

Episode 1: DRAIN PIPES features Matt Lackey, Joe Clarke and Ash Bryant as they score endless barrels from Snapper through to Greenmount on a man made bank produced by the Tweed bypass sand pumping project, commonly known as the “Superbank”. 

The pump dumps sand on froggies beach and with the help of South swells the sand sweeps around the point, that combined with a long period of small swells the bank become ruler edge, below sea level and almost only rideable on bodyboard.

 Shot with a Canon 5d mk3, Canon 7d mk2 as well as a number of GoPro board mounts and grill mounts to bring you exclusive views.

This episode was filmed & edited by Michael Jennings, and supported by Nomad Bodyboards, Custom X Bodyboards, and Limited Edition Fins.

 SALT HORIZON is a short film series from the creative minds and lens of two of bodyboarding’s most prolific documenters, Matt Lackey and Michael Jennings.

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