Pierre-Louis Costes wins the 2015 Sintra Pro Portugal

The Frenchman now has the world title within reach

Pierre-Louis Costes has re-ignited his world title hopes after taking victory at the Sintra Pro Portugal APB Tour event today.

The former world champion took down South Africa’s Iain Campbell in a close final at Praia Grande with 15.50 to 12.60.

Pierre burst out of the blocks early, scoring an 8.5 and a 7 to put Campbell in a combination situation.

The South African put in a strong fight back with a series of rolls and a backflip to get within reach but struggled to find any competitive waves at the end of the heat.

Pierre-Louis Costes flips at the SIntra Pro on his way to victory in the final

Costes’ win moves the Frenchman up into third place on the APB Men’s World Tour rankings.

“I am so happy,” Costes said after his victory.

“It was a hard competition and I didn’t have the best result in my last event. So to finally win was amazing.

“This win will help me a lot in the world title race. I am not first yet. I have to hunt for the lead so it is still going to be a battle.”

With these results, and the results of the premature eliminations of the Frenchman Amaury Lavernhe, Brazilian Uri Valadão and Australia’s Lewy Finnegan, Pierre Iain jump up the world ranking, with Iain second and Pierre third with two stages (Nazare and Puerto Rico) still remaining.

This result has spurred on Pierre for the rest of the circuit

“Without this result, I had no chance, but now I can not fail in the next steps to try to be world champ in Puerto Rico,” Costes said.

Meanwhile, Hawaii’s Dave Hubbard has taken his seventh dropknee world title after defeating Guadeloupe’s Martin Mouradian in the Sintra Pro final.

Hubbard proved too strong throughout the competition and cruised to a 13.25 to 9.00 win over Mouradian in the final.

In the women’s division, it was Brazil’s Jessica Becker who defeated in-form Japanese bodyboarder Sari Ohhara by just one point to take home the silverware.

Above: Jessica Becker from Brazil won the women’s division at Sintra

In the pro junior is was a battle of the Brazilians, with David Barbosa and Matheus Bastos meeting in the final for the first time this season.

Barbosa, who was on a high after beating rankings leader Tanner McDaniel in the semi-final, struggled early in the final, however came through with a series of backflips to soar into the lead.

Bastos tried vigilantly to claw back but was too little too late, allowing Barbosa to take his first victory on the pro junior tour.

The APB Tour will now move to the second spot on its European leg with the inaugural Nazare Pro event which starts on Tuesday, September 29 and runs until October 4.