Brazil’s next generation are looking scary good

Tanner who?

Brazil is going through a grommet revolution that hasn’t been seen since Guilherme Tamega was an ambitious youngster.

And it is only fitting that the next generation of Brazilian riders hail from the same city as Tamega, and are part of his growing GT Boards empire.

While Hawaii’s Tanner McDaniel has firmly established himself as one to look out for in the future, and Australia has Lewy Finnegan making a run at the 2015 world title, it is worth keeping an eye on the Brazilian trio of David Barbosa, Socrates Santana and Matheus Bastos.

The three grommets from Rio de Janeiro have been tearing up the APB Pro Junior tour, not to mention making some noise in the Pro Men’s division.

And while the Brazilian style of bodyboarding has been criticized in the past – mainly from the judgemental eyes of Australian bodyboarders – it seems this trio have grown up watching the Aussies and their style is quite pleasing to watch.

While Santana won round 2 of the APB pro junior at Antofagasta, it was his compatriot David Barbosa who took victory in Sintra at the weekend, winning over Bastos in a heated final.

Moments after his win and Barbosa drops this clip, showing Barbosa is not just a competitive machine but has some serious style and skill during his free surfs.

It is an exciting time in the world of junior bodyboarding right now, and Brazil is one of the countries that are leading the charge.

Bom Dia!