Teenage sensation Alexandra Rinder has won her second straight APB Women’s World Tour title in nail-biting circumstances at the Nazaré Pro in Portugal today.

The Canary Islands shredder was knocked out of the contest in dramatic fashion after being handed an interference penalty in her quarter-final for illegally dropping in on Brazil’s Jessica Becker.

The interference penalty meant that Rinder’s second best score would be cut in half, meaning the defending world champion needed an impossible score of 20.51 to defeat Becker.

As a result, the 17-year-old faced a nervous wait on the beach of Praia do Norte as she watched her only world title challenger, Sari Ohhara from Japan, compete for a chance to steal the world crown in her quarter final.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.50.38 pm
Alexandra Rinder looks on as her rivals Sari Ohhara and Isabela Sousa compete in their quarter-final heat.

It was nearly a carbon copy of last year’s world title race for Rinder, as she waited on the beach at the Sintra Pro for Isabela Sousa to win her heat, and give Rinder the title.

And it was Sousa who came to the rescue again, with the former world champion defeating Ohhara in the quarter-final, 12 points to 10.

As the final buzzer sounded Rinder was embraced by her friends and family on the shore before being handed the world title trophy.


“It was just crazy,” Rinder said as she held back tears.

“It was the same situation as last year and I thought, ‘oh god not again’.”

“Isabela always rescues me. I was speaking to my Dad and he said that she is always welcome at our house.

“But I still can’t believe I have won it. I had a good start to the year but it is always hard at the end.

“You want to win it but there are always other riders who want it just as much as you so you really have to fight for it.”

Alexandra Rinder on her way to victory at the Arica Chilean Challenge earlier this year.

The women’s semi-finals will continue today with Ayaka Suzuki (Japan), Jessica Becker (Brazil), Joana Schenker (Portugal) and Isabela Sousa (Brazil) all remaining in the competition.

The event can be watched live on the Riptide website.