Exclusive Interview with Lewy Finnegan about his new film ‘GLEWTEN FREE’ + Trailer

We sat down with Australia's man of the hour to find out more about the follow up to last years killer clip 'Teenage Years'


Yewwww, Lewy

What is the concept behind Glewten Free?
We started of just filming for a short online clip, but after scoring some really special sessions we looked back on all the footage we had and realised that we had a silly amount of footage, so instead of trying to cut it down we just kept on filiming until the world tour started for me. We kept scoring and scoring on almost every trip we went on and Glewten Free sort of just happened.



When was it filmed? Entirely 2015 or longer?
We went pretty hard trying to get epic footage at the start of the year so that’s when most of it was filmed, but there is a couple of clips from as late as June. The whole window for it was probably six months.

What made you want to make Glewten Free?
I get super amped on making new online clips, and with how successful my last clip was (Teenage Years) I just wanted to do something bigger and better. I think I have achieved that and I always love working towards new projects so it came as no struggle to me or the filmers to get it done.

mitchells take off


Your Teenage Years clip with Stricko went nuts last year. Is there any pressure to beat it this time around?
Yeah I do feel a few nerves about the release of Glewten Free. I honestly think that this is better than Teenage Years, mainly because we have all improved since last year. I’m riding better and the boys are filming better. But it’s always tough to estimate how online clips will be received. Maybe it’ll reach 100k views like Teenage Years or maybe it won’t. Either way, I’ll be happy for everyone who is keen to finally see it.

Who’s idea was it to call it “Glewten Free” and why?
It was mainly Tom Jennings’ call. We were half-way through a long drive and had exhausted almost every topic of conversation we could think of, so we started talking about people who are on gluten-free diets and don’t even know what gluten is. And how it has become this huge fad for people to eat gluten free. Did you know that even coconut water has ‘GLUTEN FREE’ printed on the packaging? it’s ridiculous! Well anyway, that’s sort of how it came about, we thought, “fuck it, let’s call our clip Glewten Free”. We were in hysterics with the idea.

rons drop


What’s your favourite section in the film?
I think the last one is the section I’m most stoked on. I love seeing big waves on footage and i think it’s a pretty cool big wave section with a handful of bombs at The Right. It also reminds me of the best times we had whilst filming for the project, days at The Right always go down as the best days ever.

You seem to be charging The Right on a regular basis. Are you used to all it’s strange idiosyncrasies?
I’ve stacked up a few sessions out there now, but i’m definitely not completely comfortable out there. It’s a pretty strange wave and it can be easy to end up in the wrong place out there but i have come to learn how to pick the deadly close-outs out there now and to be honest, I want nothing to do with them. Unlike Damien Martin, haha.

salty dogs


Do you think you will ever be truly comfortable out there?
I don’t know, it’s hard to say. I can’t really envision that happening. But when I look at guys like Brad Norris, Mick Corbett, Dan Ryan, and a few others, they all seem so calm and confident out there. It’s really inspiring. Hopefully one day I’ll be on their level.

right rifici


There is plenty of Mandurah Wedge in it (as expected!) That place is pretty special to you huh?
Yeah, Mandurah Wedge was responsible for kicking off my career, along with Davis and George, and I think that without it we wouldn’t have the fire inside us to score the best waves possible. It is such an insane wave for bodyboarding and it got all of our stoke going for the sport when we were young so we definitely have a lot of respect for it.

wedge rev


Lastly, tell us why we MUST watch it!
Because you love bodyboarding, and it’s 15 minutes of impeccably filmed bodyboarding in some of Western Australia’s best waves!