Japanese rider Ayaka Suzuki has won the inaugural Nazaré Pro by defeating Brazils Isabela Sousa in the 25 minute final.

The conditions were tiny, but organisers were forced to push forward with a small window of opportunity Sunday morning to complete the event before a storm rolls in.

Ayaka’s lightweight frame and superior wave selection left Isabela searching for a high seven-point ride and she was greeted by her compatriots on the sand for a jubilant celebration.

“I was sick here in Nazaré and to beat Isabella in the final make me really happy.”

Jessica Becker (Brazil) defeated Joana Schenker (Portugal) in the consolidation final.


So after 5 events around the globe in 2015 here is the 2016 Top 8.

APB Women’s World Tour top 8 rankings:

1. Alexandra Rinder Canary Is 5904
2. Isabela Sousa Brazil 5544
3. Sari Ohhara Japan 5452
4. Jessica Becker Brazil 5112
5. Ayaka Suzuki Japan 4774
6. Anais Velis Chile 4500
7. Neymara Carvalho Brazil 4320
8. Valentina Diaz Chile 3906