The Association of Professional Bodyboarders has signed a new long-term contract with the city of Nazaré to ensure the longevity of the relationship between the sport and the iconic city.

The Mayor of Nazaré, Walter Chicharro, signed the contract with APB Tour manager Terry McKenna at the presentation in front of a 200 strong crowd, publicly declaring his support for the event.

“Today we have signed a 4-year deal with a further 5-year option,”  Mr Chicharro said.

“Nazaré is a city made famous by the big waves, but now people around the world will know that the city has some fun waves that are suitable for everyone,” he added.

Despite small waves for the inaugural event. Nazaré is a world class bodyboarding wave. This photo was taken just one week after the waiting period.

The APB recently met in Sydney, Australia for a weeklong seminar to set in stone a carefully crafted business plan that detail the path to the future as far as 2020 and beyond.

Driving the plan forward is former IBA World Tour CEO Tom Wilson, whose lists of achievements include the development of the Bells Beach Pro and Margret River Pro events on the WSL Championship Tour.

Tom’s innovative foresight will be a major key to the APB’s long-term plans as he rolls out his master plan as APB Business Development Officer.

“We need to partner with the promoters to help develop strategies that will assist to attract sponsors and cultivate relationships with key government agencies,” Mr Wilson said.

APB CEO Alex Leon echoed Mr Wilson’s comments.

“Securing Nazaré is just phase one and we hope to do the same with other promoters of key events leading into the 2016 Tour, so that the progression of the sport will be a collaboration that everyone will win from,” Mr Leon added.

South Africa’s Jared Houston is carried from the beach after winning the 2015 Nazaré Pro in Portugal.

The final event on the 2015 APB World Tour will take place at Middles, Isabella in Puerto Rico in November and will be one of the most highly anticipated stops in the sport’s history.

Jared Houston (South Africa) vaulted into the rankings lead after his win in Nazaré and will now battle reigning world champion Amaury Laverhne (Reunion Island) and Pierre Luis Costes (France) for his maiden APB World Bodyboarding Tour title.