While there is just one round left of the 2015 APB Tour, the race for the world title is not exactly black and white. In fact, there is a lot of grey.

While there are six rounds in this year’s world tour, only a competitor’s best four results count towards their overall placing at the end of the tour.

Now this makes matters tricky, as different scenarios need to be taken into consideration to understand who can and cannot, win the 2015 men’s world bodyboarding title.

So we asked APB Technical Director Craig Hadden to crunch the numbers and tell us who has a chance to shower in the victory champagne, and who will be watching from the shoreline.

Here is the official rundown:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.02.00 pm

Clear as mud, right?

So what do all those coloured squares and four digit numbers mean you ask? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Basically, even with a win and the 1800 points at the Encanto Pro Cultura, Iain Campbell, Lewy Finnegan and Uri Valadao can not catch Jared Houston, who is currently holding 5674 points.

For Pierre-Louis Costes to win the title, he will need to win the event and Jared and Amaury Lavernhe must lose in or before the quarter-finals.

With just 36 points separating Houston and Lavernhe, if both riders progress beyond the quarter-finals, then the world title will come down to who progresses furthest!

Still don’t quite understand it? Don’t worry. Just make sure you grab the popcorn and get ready for an exciting world tour finish in Puerto Rico!

The Encanto Pro Cultura will run from November 4 to November 15, 2015.

2015 APB MWT rankings after the Nazaré Pro, Portugal: