Mike Stewart and the freedom of bodysurfing

Bodysurfing is the original form of riding a wave and Mike Stewart is one of the most respected wave riders in the surfing fraternity.

He has perfected the art of bodysurfing which is known as the most difficult way of riding a wave.

This year Mike did a trip with TRVL Surf to Sumatra. This clip which touches on why he strips everything back and dives into the ocean with just a pair of fins for what he calls “the ultimate freedom from the constraints of everyday life”.

Mike’s bodysurfed Pipe, Teahupoo, The Wedge and has lead the pack alongside Mark Cunningham for the last thirty years in this unique way of wave riding.

He holds 13 bodysurf world titles and, at age 52, is still pushing the limits of what can be done riding a wave.

Check out the clip and delve deeper into what the bodysurf experience is all about.