Riptide’s Guide to the 2015 Encanto Pro Cultura

All you need to know about the final event in Puerto Rico

The 2015 Encanto Pro Cultura will be the final stop of this year’s APB Men’s World Tour race and it is set to be a cracker.

But with the event only being held three previous times, and cancelled in 2014, we thought we’d find out all the much-needed information on the final stop of the tour.

So we’ve done the dirty work and dug up all you need to know about the Encanto Pro Cultura 2015.


What: The 2015 Encanto Pro Cultura is the sixth and final stop of the APB Men’s World Tour (MWT) and the APB Pro Junior World Tour (PJWT).

When: The opening ceremony of the event will take place on Wednesday November 4, however, the waiting period for both the MWT and PJWT contests will take place from Thursday, November 5 until Sunday, November 15 with each day starting at approximately 9pm (AEST non-daylight savings time).

Where: The Encanto Pro will take place at Middles Beach in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

How to watch: The event will be streamed live via the APB Tour website at with Steve “Action” Jackson returning as lead commentator.

Event History: The Encanto Pro has been held on three separate occasions from 2011 to 2013. This year will mark its return to the world tour after it was cancelled in 2014. In its debut year, the event had more than 180 athletes, delegates and judges and is expected to bring in an economic boost of more than $2.5 million to the region. The opening ceremony will consist of “The Sand Ceremony,” where every athlete brings sand from their country and mix them together.

Past champions:

2011-Pierre Loius Costes (FRA)

2012-Jeff Hubbard (HAW)

2013-Rafael Rivera (PR)

About the wave:  Known as “Middles” the peaky, reef break set up has the potential to produce some of the best waves on this year’s tour. The break is located right up on the Northwestern tip of the island, where it is exposed to plenty of swell. It is often compared to Off The Wall in Hawaii, however longer and with less closeouts. The right runs longer and ends with a sandbar while the left is shorter and finishes with a closeout ramp over the shallowest part of the reef. The ideal swell direction for the spot is North East which, when coupled with a strong period of swell, can produce long hollow rights with a sandbar closeout.

Who is in the race?: As outlined in our recent article, only three riders remain in contention for the MWT title. That being Reunion Island’s Amaury Lavernhe, South Africa’s Jared Houston and France’s Pierre-Louis Costes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.02.00 pm

In the PJWT, it is a four-way race with Hawaii’s Tanner McDaniel leading the points tally over Brazilian trio Socrates Santana, David Barbosa and Matheus Bastos.

More information and media: More information can be found at or on facebook at or stay tuned to for up to date information.