When you think of Madagascar you probably think of thick jungle and strange creatures, or you just think of hilarious singing lemur’s in a Disney film.

But did you know there were waves that rival some spots in Indonesia?

Neither did we, until we received these images from Canary Islands bodyboarder Alexis Alvarez, who has been travelling the island nation in search of undiscovered setups. And it seems like he is starting to reap the rewards of his long search.

“As you know, Madagascar is not a famous surf destination,” he said.

“It is not like Indo or Philippines where the waves are everywhere.

“So following my passion I decided to come to Madagascar to see what I can get from this Island.”


Alexis has decided to give us a rundown of the spots he has found during his travels and hopefully inspire others to travel off the beaten track. Who knows, you may just discover something amazing.

Words by Alexis Alvarez

I started the bodyboarding when I was 8 years old. One day I got home and I had a bodyboard, fins and a wetsuit as a birthday present.

At first I didn’t know very well how to use it but with the help of my brother I started to practice more and more until my present became a passion and my passion became a lifestyle.


Since then I have been looking for new places to bodyboard, some far away, uncrowded, unknown as well as the known ones. But I prefer the places where you can feel not only the ocean or the waves. The places where all my senses come to life: nature, culture, people, adventure and new feelings. I’ve been in Brazil, Indonesia, Timor, Philippines, Andaman Islands, India and now Madagascar.

I traveled around looking for waves but in many villages the people didn’t know what we were talking about until we arrived on the South Coast of Madagascar. We started to see surf signals, like kids with a handmade wood board playing on the beach and we realised we had found the right place! Uncrowded, unknown, perfect waves and without many people. Just me, a local surfboarder and the waves.


The waves are in the South and South-west of Madagascar where the coral reef is. It is not very easy to get to because you need a boat to get to the waves. They are far from the coast, and you need to know what to look out for.

The Corniche:


We came to a fishing village which was very small and was only accessible by boat. We were fortune to be able to arrive there and share some time with children, fishermen and others in this remote village, where perhaps very few, if any, tourists have gone before.


This wave is very hollow with shallow reef below and several sections of long and powerful tubes. You need to bottom turn very quickly and then hold tight in the tube until the end. For me, it was the best lefts in the area.




Impressive, fast and hollow right. Perhaps not as hollow as The Corniche, but holds more size according to our guide and friend Ben. for me was the best walls, also because I always look for the right wave. This is only accessible after an hour-long boat or more.



Long and powerful right that breaks over one of the best coral reefs that I’ve ever seen. There are multiple colors of fish, coral and clear water. It is a paradise located near Anakao, but it is only possible to visit by fishing boat.

There are many more waves with each coral pass hiding a wave: Flameball, Kamikaze, Bowling and Sarodrano to name a few.

Now I plan to explore the other side of the island and I hope to find equal or better waves. But if not, I have to be happy because I found one of those places where my heart is happy.

You can follow more of Alexis’ travels at http://www.planetoftrips.com/