Opinion: The Pro Junior World Tour Dark Horses

APB Tour commentator Steve “Action” Jackon gives us a little insight into some of the lesser-known names who have impressed on this year’s inaugural Pro Junior World Tour.

Above photo: Chilean grom Nelson Flores has surprised many at the Encanto Pro Cultura after knocking out APB world tour leader Jared Houston in the pro event, as well as getting through to the PJWT quarterfinals. Can he continue his top form? Source APB Tour.

While a Hawaiian (Tanner McDaniel) and three Brazilians (Socrates Santana, David Barbosa and Matheus Bastos) may be the last young men standing in the chase to be Pro Junior world champion, they are not the only competitors to draw attention on tour this season.

Chile has steadily grown into a force to be reckoned with on the Men’s World Tour, and the same can be said about the Pro Junior side of things as well. 

2014 ISA Under-18 Gold Medalist Yoshua Toledo is, currently, ranked fifth on the PJWT with fellow countryman Nelson Flores right behind him in sixth place after three events. 

During the Sintra Portugal Pro in September, the world got a good look at next-generation French bodyboarders Ethan and Noah Capdeville, sons of former world tour competitor Nicholas Capdeville. 

These aforementioned junior competitors barely scratch the surface of talent the APB Pro Junior World Tour has begun to unveil to the world.

With no shortage of explosive maneuvers and highlight reel performances, the teen titans of 2015 have not just been turning heads.

They have been serving notice that the future is now.  The world of bodyboarding has already begun to change.  This is the shape of professional bodyboarding to come…and it’s only the beginning. 

What happens when supergroms from bodyboarding hot spots like Australia and South Africa join the fray to battle it out with more Hawaiians, Brazilians, Europeans, and top talent from other places around the world? 

If this year has been any indicator, international bodyboarding is going to be fun to watch for years to come.

The Pro Junior World Tour champion will be decided at the 2015 Encanto Pro Cultura

Currently, world title contenders Tanner McDaniel, David Barbosa and Socrates Santana are all through to the quarterfinal rounds.