West Australia’s man of the moment, Lewy Finnegan, will add another sticker to his crowded slick after signing on to the Bodyboard King team.

Finnegan is the latest rider to be snapped up in the ashes of the Bodyboarders Surf Co’s closure, which left many of Australia’s top bodyboarders without a shop sponsor.

Lewy Joins BBK’s “Team of Royalty” including Ben Player, Jake Stone, Jase Finlay, Jones Russell and James Kates.


Gold Coast’s Joe Clarke was the first to jump ship after BSC’s closure, signing on to Inverted Bodyboard Specialists last month.

Bodyboard King owner Toby Player has hinted that another “big signing” will be announced tomorrow.

Now, we’re just spitballing here, but our money is on it being one of the former BSC marquee riders who are still without a shop sponsor such as Matt Lackey, Dave Winchester and Chris James.

You can see Lewy’s team rider profile at http://www.bodyboardking.com/c/4547225/1/lewy-finnegan.html

Photo by Chris Gurney