Jake Stone Goes Stealth

select_logoIt might be the worst kept secret in bodyboarding, but it has been confirmed that Sunshine Coast’s Jake Stone has jumped ship to Stealth Bodyboards.

In something we alluded to in our State News last month, the 26-year-old has waved goodbye to his longtime board sponsor The Versus Project (VS) and signed on the dotted line with the rejuvenated World Bodyboards company (owners of Stealth bodyboards and Stealth fins/hardware).

What does this mean for you? Not much really, but expect to see a new signature model Stealth Board come out in the near future. Also, word on the street is we might be seeing Stoney on our APB Tour webcasts in 2016.

Going off this recent footage of Jake teaming up with filmer Tyge Landa in Bali, we’d say he will make more than a little noise on the tour if he decides to go for it.

Filmed on location in Bali, Indonesia

Produced by Stealth Bodyboards

Edited by Tyge Landa

Music: Raised Fist