Cement Mixer – George Humphreys

select_logoAs one-third of the “three amigos from West Australia,” George Humphreys is sometimes overlooked by the bodyboarding world.

However, the part-time brickie who has made a name for himself charging massive waves at The Right is out to prove he is no one trick pony in this latest clip presented by Tom Jennings and James Strickland.

Here’s what Strickos had to say about the clip:

Almost jeopardised by the theft of a hard-drive from the Stricks car and a serious case of “I cant surf because I’m spooning my chick” syndrome the boys have FINALLY got it done.

When he’s not hanging with the love of his life, sweating it out on site laying bricks & pouring cement like an A grade mud sl*t George Humphreys, the man himself can be found taming caverns, ramps and all things party in WA. Some say a young Mitch, others say he never goes left & can only surf that half backwash wedge in Mandurah.

Perhaps after viewing this video there are those that would beg to differ. My thoughts this kid ain’t just a one trick pony.

Anyways it is without any significant backing and or further adieu “The Three Amigos” are proud to present Cement Mixer – George Humphreys!

Filmed and Edited by James Strickland and Tom Jennings