Once upon a time, there were stories told by the legends of bodyboarding in Rio de Janeiro about this wave that broke a few kilometers away from the sands of Ipanema, in the south zone of Rio.

For the youth, as the years passed by, the mystery began.

Words by Lucas Gomes

There were no photos of that wave … only word of mouth. One big triangular slab, a short but powerful wave, that could hold you down for dozens of seconds if you were in the wrong spot.

But how were the conditions supposed to be for that slab to work? The kids would stare for long hours into the horizon looking for a clue, day after day.

With the years passing by and technology evolving to where it is today, it got easier to predict swells and winds and that’s when these kids started having a clue.

But this wave, dubbed the “Queen of Slabs”, still remains a mystery. Slab hunters Igor Lamothe and Lucas Gomes know that, just like the kids, they need to stare at the horizon for hours, days, weeks, if they want to have a shot at watching the Queen break. And they sure did in this magical day.

Photos: Lucas Gomes
Rider: Igor Lamothe

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Website: www.lucaswaterman.com