Not content with a runner-up finish on the APB Tour, as well as victory at the Annaelle Challenge, Pierre-Louis Costes has gone and won a fourth straight European Tour of Bodyboarding (ETB) title.

The Frenchman secured the title after finishing second in the last event of the season in Mohammedia, Morroco behind local shredder, and fellow world tour competitor, Brahim Iddouch.

Costes managed to place ahead of his nearest rival on the ETB rankings, Anas Haddar, to seal his fourth straight victory.

“I am so happy to become the 2015 European champion,” Costes said.

Congratulations to Brahim Iddouch for the win, but also to the finalists Anas Haddar, who had a spectacular year and Hugo Pinheiro showing he is still one of the best European riders.”

Portuguese bodyboarder Joana Schenker  took out the ETB Women’s category after victories at the Miss Sumol Cup (Ilhavo) and the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival in France followed by a semi-final finish at the Madeira Bodyboard Girls Experience in Fajã D’Areia.

Miss Sumol Cup (Ilhavo) and the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival (France), the Portuguese managed to reach the semifinals at the Madeira Bodyboard Girls Experience, held in Fajã D’Areia.

A third place finish in Madeira confirmed the back-to-back European bodyboarding title. Schenker, 28, is a bodyboarder from Sagres, in Algarve. She is a multiple-time national champion.

2015 European Tour of Bodyboard Men’sFinal Standings

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 3103 points
2. Anas Haddar (MOR), 3052 points
3. Brahim Iddouch (MOR), 2953 points
4. Hugo Pinheiro (POR), 2588 points
5. Michael Kerlir (FRA), 2349 points

European Tour of Bodyboard | List of Champions

2015: Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)
2014: Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)
2013: Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)
2012: Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)
2011: Yeray Martinez (CNY)
2010: Jeremy Arnoux (FRA)
2009: Hugo Pinheiro (POR)
2008: Manuel Centeno (POR)
2007: Silvano Lourenço (POR)
2006: Manuel Centeno (POR)
2005: David Perez (SPA)
2004: Hugo Pinheiro (POR)
2003: Hugo Pinheiro (POR)
2002: Cedric Dufaure (FRA)
2001: Manuel Centeno (POR)
2000: David Perez (SPA)
1999: Nicolas Capdeville (FRA)
1998: Hugo Carvalho (POR)