They don’t come much better than this.

Offshore winds, clear blue skies, and some perfectly shaped sand-bottom barrels.

Then there is West Australian dropknee shredlord Kim Feast doing what he does best.

He takes off with ease, gets a nice deep pit and then exits just in time to feel the spray hit the back of his wetsuit, like a pat on the back from Huey for a job well done.

This was one of many perfect barrels for Mr Feast on this day at Boodjidup, WA. And chances are he probably forgot what particular barrel these photos were from. Was it the 11th one? or the 12th? Who knows, who cares?

Meanwhile, the rest of us can only stare at these images and hope that maybe, one day, we get just one wave like this in our lifetime.

Sequence by Joel Nankivell – Southwest Saltwater