It’s not often that we see images as amazing as this come across our computer/phone/tablet screens.

And what is even rarer is that the photographer doesn’t want to see a cent in return for putting his life at risk for the shot.

But that is the case with this spectacular photograph of Sunshine Coaster Michael Novy sliding through one of the biggest and deepest barrels ever witnessed at renowned big wave spot, The Right.


The photographer responsible, 35-year-old West Australian bodyboarder Trent Slatter, has decided to frame a one-of-a-kind large print of the image and put it up for sale, with all proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

After putting the image up on his instagram page last week, the photo has gone viral and been re-shared by the likes of Kelly Slater, who revealed he was interested in purchasing the photograph.


Tell us a bit about yourself. how long have you been doing surf photography?

 I’ve lived in WA for 5 years but was born and raised in south Australia. I’m 35 years old and have bodyboarded for over 15 years. I had a work college come in one day with a Riptide that had Todd De Graaf on cover styling into a wave called the ledge and was blown away.  I use to just take pics of surf spots we scored to help remember those good days and it sort of evolved from there, I have boxes of film I use to get developed from chemist one-hour so in some way or another I’ve always been doing it alongside boogie. My best friend Ben Hodge introduced me to Cyclops (another WA big wave sport) and The Right and for this I’m eternally grateful, he has been my biggest influence alongside Mark Mathews.


Why did you want to donate the proceeds to the Prostate Cancer Foundation?

 I had been thinking about selling some images for charity for a while and approach my mate re the idea and he asked if I could do it for prostate cancer as his Dad had been affected by the disease.

 Can you tell us about the wave and how you got that shot?

 The wave is so unique and when you’re out in the channel you become desensitised to how big it actually is. I don’t think there is a day in my life were I don’t think about the Right. The Rght deserves the utmost respect that area can be extremely dangerous and eats money.

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What has the response been like since announcing the photograph will go to charity?

The response has been overwhelming after Kelly Slater posted an image of the shot on Instagram I had so many people get in contact with me I spent the whole night answering emails and was on such a high. I went from sundown to sun-up, it was intense! The pic was used to help break down the stigma of the disease and having non-bodyboarding people get on board was important.

If you are interested in purchasing the framed photo, contact Trent Slatter through his facebook page or email Trent.Slatter[at]