It’s two weeks til Christmas and you haven’t got your presents sorted? Or just want to stock up on the latest bodyboarding gear for the summer months but not sure what to get? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted.

Riptide has teamed up with Inverted Bodyboarding Specialists to bring you the best Summer gear so you can spend your boxing day shredding in style rather than lining up in the returns que.

Editor Michael Saunders gives us a rundown of his favourite items of the 2015/16 Summer Range.


5662be5fda0edUnite “By the Sea” Tee

Price: $49.95 Buy Here

When it comes to clothing, Unite has been a staple of any bodyboarders wardrobe for over 10 years. Created by Australian bodyboarding legend Joel Taylor, Unite prides itself on simple designs and long lasting threads. I still own and wear a Unite shirt that I bought when I was just 18. If that is not a testament to the company’s thread quality (and my lack of body growth) then nothing is.


5663a9390ede9Grand Flavour “Parental Advisory” Tee

Price: $49.95 Buy Here

Have you watched the NWA biopic “Straight Otta Compton” yet? If not, do yourself a favour and watch it, then go buy this tee. People will be busting lyrics to “Express Yourself” and “F*** Tha Police” as you walk down the street in this tee. But you will be down with that, and start slinging verses right back at them.



55cadcf0621f7Dead Beat Surf Club Logo Tee

Price: $44.95 Buy Here

Probably the dirtiest and deranged surf club going ’round at the moment, DBSC is the brainchild of Sunny Coast rippers Jake Stone, Cade Sharp and Adam Keegan. While only in its early stages, I’m expecting/hoping some weird and amazing designs to come from these guys in the future. This is one bandwagon I’m willing to climb aboard early (and you should too).



562ed86930171Zion Stretch Surf Shorts

Price: $49.95 (on sale!) Buy Here

In my opinion, there are two types of boardshorts: those that you wear to BBQs, beach chilling, or around the house. And then there are those that you wear only for shredding. These fall into the latter category. Hands down the best boardshorts I have ever owned, they stretch nicely for when you bust an “inny for the boiz”, are perfectly cut with mesh pockets to eliminate drag and have been stitched properly to reduce nasty chaffing.


5664f7812c060Grand Flavour Fern Shorts

Price: $69.95 Buy Here

Remember earlier when I was saying earlier about the two types of boardshorts? Well, I think these fit in the former category*. Fashion guru Chad Jackson has come out with these awesome looking fern print shorts (and a shirt to match) and they will surely become your staple shorts at all major summer events including Christmas lunch, Boxing Day BBQ, New Year’s Eve party and Australian Day BBQ. Over the summer they will barely get washed (swimming in them counts as washing, right?), will become covered in beer and sauce stains, and will be worn so much that the print has faded and you’ve had to get your mum to re-stitch them at the crotch multiple times. Then, years down the track, you will look through old photos of that period in your life and the nostalgia will hit you like a double shot coffee. And you will say to yourself “man, I miss those shorts…”

*Note: Don’t get me wrong, these shorts can still be used for surfing to your heart’s content but they can also do so much more…

Wet Gear

85992355Limited Edition Surf Shirt

Price: $49.95 Buy Here

Ever since I saw some of the major surfing companies putting these types of shirts on the racks I wanted one. But I swore an oath to never buy clothing from a surfing company that does not support bodyboarders (and you probably should too). So I abstained and settled for ruining my favourite band shirt during the summer months instead. Now my Christmas wish has come true with this shirt from Limited Edition. It features four-way stretch material and has a UV protection of 30+.


wetsuit_shorts_-_black-graphite-orange_-_frontAttica Wetsuit Pants

Price: $69.95 Buy Here

Wetsuit pants are back! And bodyboarders, being the stylish devils they are, are leading the revolution! Stay cool in summer but eliminate any risk of chaffing as well as ultimate manoeuvrability in these wetsuit pants by Attica. If you ever seen any old footage/photos of Mike Stewart or Ben Severson, you would have notice these guys donned the wetsuit pants almost religiously. It’s time to reclaim our roots!



5524a55a17f56Limited Edition Ryan Hardy Fins

Price: $59.95 Buy Here

The fins I wear and, in my opinion, the closest thing to the original Churchill Makapuu’s that you’re going to get these days. Ever since Churchill switched from Malaysian rubber to Chinese rubber they haven’t been the same. Thankfully, Hardballs (a former Makapuu diehard) walked into the Limited Edition office, slammed his fist on the table, and demanded they make a pair of fins with the Churchill shape, Malaysian rubber, and in the classic blue and yellow colourway*.

*Actual events may not have happened as depicted, but don’t you wish they did?

5524a8306332cStealth S2 Fins

Price: $79.95 Buy Here

I remember back when I was just a pimple-faced grommie and some of the real trendsetters around D’bah used to cut their Churchill to a straighter edged shape. I couldn’t really understand why, but these guys surfed a lot better than me, so I figured it must have been because of that. These days, Stealth’s straight cut shaped S2 fins and are worn by arguably the world’s best bodyboarders, including Ben Player, Jake Stone, Dave Winchester and Nick Gornall. Is it a coincidence? Or is this one of the biggest conspiracies in bodyboarding?


Price: $99.95 Buy Here

When Inverted owner Ben Wells brought these awkward looking fins into his new Gold Coast shop I laughed and asked, “who the hell would buy these?” Ben just smiled confidently and said, “I just stack these here and watch them sell out.” Designed by Hawaiian bodysurfing legend Mark Cunningham, DaFin are renowned as the comfiest fins on the market. The rubber is so soft that they feel like you are wearing a sock. Unfortunately, the softness reduces propulsion, especially for bodyboarders. But, if you want fins to bodysurf, or you are a photographer shooting water for long hours, these might be the new saviours of your feet. They are also the fin of choice by the world famous Hawaiian Lifeguard Association.


Gyroll Wrist YellowGyroll Wrist Leash

Price: $44.95 Buy Here

The wrist leash is a polarising item in the bodyboarding world. Some people love them, while others think they are only good for beginners. I’m a fan of them, especially the Gyroll ones. Designed by Mike Stewart, the unique large coil stays wrapped up in the centre of your board, meaning it rarely gets in the way. The Gyroll wrist leash has remained the same for more than 20 years, which is a long time in bodyboarding and a testament to this iconic leash’s popularity. Bicep Leash

Price: $44.95 Buy Here

While I prefer a wrist leash, when it comes to bigger waves I will always go for a heavy duty bicep leash. I learnt this the hard way in big waves in Indonesia. Again, I think Gyroll make the best leashes in the business, plus those retro colours look sexy.



55a85b0a11f4ePride “The Combo” PE 2016

Price: $149.95 Buy Here

Looking for an entry level board but don’t know where to start? Look no further. Pride’s The Combo is my pick for the best beginner board on the market. The French-based bodyboard company have managed to keep this board at an affordable price while not skimping out on quality. It features a PE core, stringer and a PE deck. I wish I had one of these when I was starting out!



562843f67ef2cHot Buttered James Kates Signature Model

Price: $354.95 Buy Here

Coming in at just over $350, the HB James Kates model is my pick for best-priced top of the range board. Hot Buttered boards have been overlooked in previous years but they are onto a winner with this one. It features all the top quality materials you expect from boards that cost a lot more (1.9 PP core, Stringer, PE deck, Surlyn slick), and Katesy’s boards have a kickass shape. The perfect board for those looking for a no-nonsense the “polypro+surlyn+ stringer” standard.


55af248aaac52Science Style Loaded ISS

Price: $429.95 Buy Here

Mike Stewart’s board of choice and arguably the most renowned shape in bodyboarding. The Style features the retro colours of Stewart’s TURBO days, complete with a signature nosepiece. This year’s model also comes with the new Interchangeable Stringer System. Good for prone and dropknee with a shape that performs well in all types of waves. This is arguably the best all-rounder board on the market.


562195041f1b6VS Dave Winchester Parabolic ISS

Price: $519.95 Buy Here

Do you like your sundae with all the toppings? Or your car with all the aftermarket features? Then this is the board for you. The VS Winny model is the Ferrari of bodyboards, with just about every modern day feature you can think of. Interchangeable stringer, Parabolic core, mesh and even a specialised line contour. There is no cutting corners on this beautiful creation from Winny and renowned shaper Dan Sivess.


559c9110155b8Nomad Matt Lackey DK Board

Price: $389.95 Buy Here

Like to get up on the knee? Of course you do, who doesn’t? If you don’t, then you are missing out on one of the funnest aspects of bodyboarding. And now is the time to add a DK board to your quiver! Trust me, it will be one of the best purchases you have made, especially in those small summer swells where you just want to try a few DK cutbacks. Ask any dropknee rider, and they will tell you that riding a board that is specifically tailored to the Jack-stance will improve your DK skill exponentially.  Gold Coast’s Matt Lackey is arguably the best in the business and his shape (influenced by his hero DK legend Paul Roach) is one of the best DK boards out there.

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