Renan “Crow” Faccini of Santos in Brazil is the Free Surf Champion of South America/South Pacific 2015 (Including Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands).

With a total vote of  34 per cent, he has convincingly beaten the field of bodyboarders from Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

The filming window in November 2015 allowed the athletes to showcase some of the heaving reefs and beach breaks of Brazil combined with the rugged northern coast of Chile. Eric Gamez of the Cook Islands also showed why his Boog House retreat is one of the most idyllic locations for any bodyboarder that loves warm water and picture perfect reef passes.

photo by  Diego VillamarinHowever, it was the wild young gun from Brazil  who came out on top with an incredible one-minute highlight reel of huge airs, some of which were landed almost right onto dry sand, at his favourite wedge in Brazil known locally as Pyramids. 

Victory in this free surf event is well deserved for Faccini who is the essence of a Brazilian renegade free surfer. Renan’s bodyboarding was perfectly captured by his talented filming team Ramon Miranda and Nani “hug machine” Jackson.

FSBsoam pic

Event Judges Jeff Urdan (Brasil), Manea Fabisch (Tahiti), Kevin McAlistair (New Zealand) and Jorge Alexis Ceballos of South America Unite (Chile) were confronted with some insane big moves, deep barrels and real variety when attempting to adjudicate the highlight reels.

Eric Gamez of French origin who now lives in the Cook Islands second place in the event with a vote of 18.6% compared to third place Guilherme Correa of Brasil with 16.3%. Both of these guys are at the forefront of free surfing in their own regions with Correa displaying the full range of skills in the macking slabs of Itacoatiara, Brasil. 

Faccini, Gamez, Correa and fourth placed Alan Munoz of Chile (15.8%) will now move onto the FSB World Finals starting tomorrow with an insane format to decide who is the Free Surf Bodyboarding World Champion.

fsbsoam15-resultheaderAfter a gruelling series of regional events on every continent around the world we have now discovered the top 24 Free Surf Bodyboarders on earth. They have all entered their best 3 waves from the year 2015  – 1 Barrel,  1 Air and 1 Wildcard wave.

Each 3 days they will go head to head against another talented athlete from around the world. After 15 days we discover who is the best free surf bodyboarder on earth and the FSB 2015 World Champ.