To coincide with the release of the much anticipated Holding On documentary, renowned shaper Todd Quigley was teamed up with Cronulla bodyboarding legend Adam “Wingnut” Smith to bring back one of the most iconic boards of the nineties.

The special “Wingnut” retro board will see a limited run out of the QCD factory and will feature the same colours and logos of the original board.


Todd told Riptide the idea behind releasing the legendary board.

Well, it was the first “proper” board I had as a grom, that was over 20 years ago now. 

After seeing a trailer for the new Holding on movie I had full flashbacks from when I was a grom and thought wouldn’t it be sick to bring back the Wingnut board into the modern age a couple of months after seeing the trailer Wingo got my number from Heydon Bunting and we had a good chat over the phone and organized a meeting, I had met Adam years prior at certain events over the years, but this was my first sit down with him to talk about boards etc. 


We had a couple of beers and he pulled out a few of his old boards that he had in his garage, I was straight onto it! I said let dial in the shape and I will get a sample shaped up and we can go from there. 

Artwork was then sorted using his original W logo and also the iconic WINGNUT font for the nose piece. 

The board is not a replica but a re-release of the original, yes it has that “nose piece” and it also has the classic 2 combinations the board came in back in the 90s.


The shape is a little wider and thicker than current boards on the market, it has a little more curve also, it’s got all the heritage of the classic but it’s been brought  the modern age, we are both stoked on the shape. 

It will come in a PP stringer/mesh setup. 

I just think it’s perfect timing to re-release the board to coincide with the release of Holding On. 


Boards will be available by pre-order only at each of the premiers and also via the QCD boards website and certain stores. 

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