He was raised in one of the most dangerous areas in the world but now is enjoying a positive and crime-free life thanks to hard work and dedication to bodyboarding.

Brazilian pro junior world champion Socrates Santana has used his recent international bodyboarding successes to leverage a better life for his family, and now the APB Tour is hoping it will inspire more kids from the slums to find a better life through bodyboarding.

As part of aย new Social Projects initiative, the APB Tour is using the successes of Santana, as well as fellow “Favela Storm” bodyboarders Matheus Bastos and David Barbosa, to serve as an example of how kids from low socio-economic areas can lead a positive life through a love of bodyboarding and the ocean.

“Every year, our top athletes give talks to the kids of the favelas and take them Bodyboarding and expose them to the ocean and the Bodyboard,” APB CEO Alex Leon said.

“Our athletes conduct talks about drugs, alcohol and violence that surrounds these kids and explain that by using the ocean to surf is an escape from this negative path. Teaching and guiding the youth to live a better life through sport and the ocean is one of our life changing social projects here at the APB.”

The favela social project undertaken by the APB includes motivational speeches from international riders, a bodyboarding clinic, a judging course and much more.


It is just one of many social projects the APB plans to undertake during the 2016 world tour including a kids with disabilities experience in Puerto Rico and cultural awareness lessons in various locations.

“The APB Tour visits many regions across the globe where social work is needed within the communities,” Mr Leon said.

“Athletes of the APB are heroes to these kids so it is paramount that we lead with a positive step and teach the youth of today about life and growing up and what difficulties they will face on the road ahead.

“By using motivational speaking and exposing them to the ocean and the bodyboard we may be able to steer them into the right direction away from drugs, alcohol, crime and violence.”



To find out more about the APB Tour’s Social Projects, visit their page atย http://apbtour.com/social-projects/