Formed by the twisted minds of Ryan Mattick and Dave Fox – chief operators of the Stoke Factory, Zion Wetsuits and I Am None clothing, along with pro surfer Dean Bowen – Drag Board Co plans to be the hand grenade to what they call a “stagnant” bodyboarding industry.

Already the brand has signed three highly talented and uniquely individual riders in the likes of Tom RigbySam Bennett and Jordan “Putty” Putland with each rider getting their own pro model. Riptide editor Michael Saunders caught up with Drag Board Co founder Ryan Mattick to find out more about the new board brand.

RT: So why did you start Drag Board Co?

RM: Pretty much for a shakeup! We want to f#ck sh#t up, that’s our motto. Drag is basically all about lettin’ the good times roll. There’s a lot of standard issue stuff getting’ round these days with the boog, people deserve to have their minds bent a little.

“We want to f#ck sh#t up, that’s our motto.”

RT: You signed Putty, Bennett and Riggaz (Tom Rigby) to your team. Tell us about getting them on board.

RM: We love those dudes, they’re the best. It was pretty sad to see two of them without a board sponno and the third kinda on the out with his. So we pulled it all together and just threw down. All the boards are the exact same shapes and dimensions of what the riders usually use.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.21.13 pm
The wheelin’ and dealin’ Tom Rigby

RT: Last year we reported that Tom Rigby parted ways with Science to pursue a different career in Melbourne. Was that true or was it all a ruse to sign with Drag?

RM: Yeah he’s moving to Melbourne and chasing sound engineering, he’s actually got mad skills on the geetar and some tapped ideas so he’ll probably kill it I reckon. The thing with Riggaz is he’s the John Farnham of boogin, he might take some time off here’n’there but when he’s back he’s gonna be throwin’ that polypropylene sword around like a mad woman’s shit and hitting the comeback tour hard! I haven’t read that article in its entirety yet, I got a few lines in and it was too boring, but yeah I gathered it was probably classic damage control.

“Boogin’s an underground thing, those clips of c#nts training’ and workin’ sweat to achieve dreams and pocket their 15K a year is hilarious.”

RT: You’re saying you want to stir the pot, how so? What don’t you like about the current bodyboarding industry?

RM: There are companies out there doing good stuff. Guys like Ben (Player) and Winny (Dave Winchester) with NMD/Versus and Mitch (Rawlins) with Found, we got mad respect for those guys. But there’s also a lot of shite and supporting the incumbent and just cos it’s there is our pet hate. In recent years the boog’s trodden down this cringy ultra try hard professionalism phase, highly edited and highly faux professional. That’s got to go… and in its place be the raw fun lovin’ boogin we grew up diggin. Also fitness, there’s no place for fitness in Drag. The top boogers ain’t your multi-billion dollar athletes on billboards where every muscle must be toned to the nine to stay at the top of their cut-throat game. Boogin’s an underground thing, those clips of c#nts training’ and workin’ sweat to achieve dreams and pocket their 15K a year is hilarious. We say slob out a little, reach for that extra chicken drumstick, then go drag along a wave with your bro’s and have mad time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.19.46 pm
Sam Bennett and Jordan Putland enjoying the colonel.

RT: How long has the idea to start a board company been in the pipeline?

RM: Probably about a year. It mainly started after seeing Benoes (Sam Bennett) without a board sponno. He’s always been frothing to do something with us. It was sad to see him fall off the scene and not be valued by any board companies. He has a lot of value, we even tried getting him onboard with a few companies before we started Drag, none of which even gave him the time of day. The response to his board model has been pretty amazing so far, we’ve almost sold out of Bennett’s in pre-sales.

RT: There seems to be a lot of board brands out there fighting over a pretty small market. Is there any concern about that?

RM: Profit isn’t our prime motivation for Drag. Like all of our companies, it’s driven by passion to do mad sh#t. We have done a small order and it’s super limited for now. We are not fiercely ambitious to take over the world or anything but I think we can make a positive impact on the boog and offer something that no other company offers at the moment. Let’s be honest, most boards are exactly the same. I guess our main motto is to freak people out, warp their mind a little and if it gets coin for these three dudes to travel the world and do mad stuff with us then it’s totally worthwhile.

RT: What do you want to see happen in the bodyboard industry?

RM: It would be pretty rad to see all the board brands run by passionate boogers. There has been a shakeup recently and I know a lot of people got screwed over by the ripple effect of that. In the long run, it is going to be good because it will get rid of the corporate fatcats. It happened in skateboarding, it’s happening in surfing. It would be good to see guys with good ideas sell more sh#t, get more cash to more cool stuff and weed the crap out. Everyone has their own opinions and might be different to mine but I think a company should be run by guys that are either creative, or smart enough and cashed up enough to put someone creative in there, otherwise it’s just boring, drab shite that no one needs to see. I understand good ideas, good projects, good campaigns don’t always come easy and don’t always come cheap, but if the crap has been shat out then there’s a bigger pool of cash there for the good guys to wrangle and shake this industry up. That would be awesome to see happen.

“It would be good to see guys with good ideas sell more sh#t, get more cash to more cool stuff and weed the crap out.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 2.34.56 pm
The limited series of Drag pro model boards.

RT: We’ve noticed that you are using the social media accounts of LeBoogie Magazine.

RM: The guys at LeBoogie were kind enough to see some potential in what we were doing and gave us their accounts. Mad respect to everything Phil Galagher, Luke Shad (Shadbolt), Mike McKiniern and (James) Kates have done, they guys all rock. We’re sad to see it go but hopefully we can do them proud with the Drag.

RT: So what can we expect to see in the future from Drag Board Co?

RM: We’ve got some ideas but we are keeping them close to our chest for now. It’s all pretty out there but get ready for the shake up!

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