The long awaited invitee list for the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational has just been announced by Mike himself after a long consultation and voting process.

The waiting period for the event is from February 21 to March 4.

There are also four wildcards that have been offered to previous champions Andre Botha, Guilherme Tamega, Ryan Hardy and Paulo Barcellos

Fighting it out for the crown along with the current top 32 from the APB World Tour will be the top 16 from the Hawaiian Pro Tour plus 8 trialists, here is the list of invitees in alphabetical order:

Alistair Taylor South Africa
Angelo Faraire Tahiti
Charly Chapelet Reunion Island
Dave Winchester Australia
David Tuarau Tahiti
Davis Blackwell Australia
Fred Temorere Tahiti
George Humphries Australia
Jacob Vandervelde Hawaii
Jamie O’Brien Hawaii
Josh Garner Australia
Julien Miremont Tahiti
Kainoa McGee Hawaii
Lachlan Cramsie Australia
Magno Passos Brazil
Michael Ostler South Africa
Mitch Rawlins Australia
Nakana Rivera Hawaii
Rusty Friesen USA West coast
Shaun Pyne Australia
Socrates Santana Brazil
Spencer Skipper Hawaii
Tahurai Henry Tahiti
Tim Hamilton Hawaii

Alternates in order:

Nick Gornall Australia
Jarret Lau Hawaii
Chris James Australia
Jono Bruce Australia
Garth Macgregor Australia
Storm Prestwich South Africa
Matt Meyer USA West coast
Ryan Sewell Australia
Dion Myers Australia
Jason Bitzer USA East coast
Derek Crater France
Daniel Zimbra Hawaii
Alex McAlpine Australia
Adam Keegan Australia
Gonçalo Soares Portugal
Eulices Suarez Mexico
Shane Meehan Ireland
Gabriel Brantes Chile
Alex Kinimaka Hawaii
Billy Thiel South Africa
Patrick Orr Hawaii
Gary Thatcher Australia
Tyson Kaaua Hawaii
Cade Sharp Australia
Cordon Stapp Hawaii
Brett Lillian Australia
Fabio Aquino Brazil


Best of luck to everyone who will be competing!