Kauai local Sammy Morrentino made Hawaiian bodyboarding history at the weekend after becoming the first person ever to win three different Kellog’s Hawaii Tour titles.

The young Hawaiian took home enough points at the final event of the season, the 662 Rideshop Westside Challenge, to clinch all three titles in the Pro Men’s, Dropknee and Stand-up divisions.


Surprisingly Morrentino did not win one pro men’s event but was able to hold on to enough points to take the title, a second at Bowls, a fifth at Sandy Beach, a third on the Big Island and a second at Keaau.

Keahi Parker, rated 12th coming into the event, busted his chance to win one, Morretino took the second behind Parker. Parker is no slouch when it comes to big surf and proved his merit in the final.

It was close though with Parker scoring 16.1, Morretino 15.4 and JB Hillen was not far behind in third with a 14.57. Tanner McDaniel was lacking a good score but was the youngest in the final and a standout throughout the competition winning the Junior division.

Tanner McDaniel took out the junior division.

It was a tied race between Karla Costa and Melanie Bartels going into this final event and it was Costa getting the nod to win the event and the series.

In the Masters, Hawaiian bodyboarding legend Pat Caldwell garnered enough points for the title and in the Junior Kawika Rohr-Kamai had racked up two firsts and a second, enough to be the overall champ.

This tour was spectacular with good surf throughout and important as top tour finishers get seeded straight to the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational (Feb 21-Mar 4) without having to do the trials.


Mens Division
1. Keahi Parker
2. Sammy Morretino
3. JB Hillen
4. Tanner McDaniel

Women’s Division
1. Karla Costa
2. Melanie Bartels
3. Lindsey Yasui
4. Summer Hillen

Junior Division
1. Tannner McDaniel
2. Peter Piho
3. Keoni Horswill
4. Ezekiel Bartels

Dropknee Division
1. Bud Miyamoto
2. Sammy Morretino
3. Abe Balmores
4. Dayton Wago

Stand-up Divison
1. Sammy Morretino
2. Mack Crilley
3. Abe Balmores
4. Kai Holt

Master’s Division
1. Pat Caldwell
2. Jimmy Hutaff
3. Ben Severson
4. Keith Sasaki


Men’s Division – Sammy Morretino
Women’s Division – Karla Costa
Junior Division – Kawika Rohr-Kamai
Dropknee Division – Sammy Morretino
Standup Division – Sammy Morretino
Master’s Division – Pat Caldwell

Pro Men’s winners from left Sammy Morrentino, Tanner McDaniel, JB Hillen and Keahi Parker.

Champions in the Women’s, Junior’s, Dropknee and Standup divisions will go straight to the final heat of the 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational (Holding period feb 21 – Mar 04) without having to go through any of the Trials competition.

 The Top 16 Tour finalists of the Men’s Division Will get seeded straight to Pipe for the 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational without having  to go through any of the Trials competition.