After months of anticipation and sneak peeks on social media, guru board shaper Jarrod Gibson has finally lifted the veil on his new board range.

Featuring a pro model by South Coast free surf extraordinaire Jase Finlay as well as four other models to cater towards differing styles, the debut range aims to provide the rider with “one board for all conditions”.

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Gibson also revealed that he intends to bring back his Paulownia Project through JG Boards in 2016.

Paulownia boards are the bodyboarding equivalent of the Alaia Surfboards and have been a passion project of Gibson’s for a number of years.

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Michael Novy driving through a Central Coast slab on a Palownia board. Photo by Luke Shadbolt.

“I placed my Paulownia Project on hold for a few years due to my commitments to foam and international travel as we were developing a new facility and production lines,” Gibson said.

“I had all intentions of returning back to the program when the time was right and this year I’m doing just that.”

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Find out more at the new JG Boards website at