State News is back for 2016 with all the latest news and rumours in Australian bodyboarding.

This month’s State News is presented by the Holding On documentary. Tickets for the JG Boards premiere tour are available now from Moshtix.


Sunshine Coast

By Ben Wells – Inverted Bodyboard Specialists

Sunny Coast on the pump!

It has been a rare start to the year on the Sunshine Coast with an uncharacteristic stream of cyclone-produced groundswells rolling into the region. Most notably was a powerful swell courtesy of ex-TC Victor which lit one a rare spot. All the holiday crowds were onto it however amongst the madness Jono Bruce, Kira Llewellyn, Josh Keenan and Simon Cassidy were just some of the boogers sampling the goods.

Josh Keenan picks a wave from the crowd

Keenan’s Return to form

Sunny Coast grom Josh Keenan is back in the water after suffering a horrible knee injury while playing soccer last year. From all reports the young ripper is surfing better than ever and is expected to make a lot of noise on this year’s ABA Pro Tour.

Keenan on another drainer.

Stoney’s trampoline troubles

When two-time ABA Pro Men’s champion Jake Stone moved to the Gold Coast to practice on the peaks of D’bah as well as pursue his studies in fitness at the C.H.E.K institute, nobody thought the term “break a leg” would be taken literally. But that is exactly what happened when Stoney bit off more than he could chew at a local indoor trampoline warehouse. Read the full gritty details here.

Above: One perfect wave at Sunshine Coast by Andrew Cassidy

Cramsie going solo

Lachlan Cramsie, had decided to go it alone on the world tour. The former Sunshine Coaster was dropped by the Stealth Boards team and now only has a contract with Inverted Bodyboards to his name. However Cramsie wants to prove the doubters wrong by competing in as many world tour events as he can in 2016. He has also received an invite to the highly anticipated Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational taking place next month.

Gold Coast

By Noah Aubort

Wave Sitchy

As I type my curtains clatter loudly against semi-closed windows in what’s likely to be final tribute to this filthy northerly. The Gold Coast has remained haunted by relatively standard summer winds for the larger part of the last two weeks, that’s all set to change. A new window will see a straight Easterly swell accompanied by Southerly winds take over the GC coastline. If all goes to plan we should see a pulse of around 3-4 feet for the larger part of this week.

Sheardy Empty
Empty Pipeline. Photo: Sheard.

Gold Coasters Abroad

Follow Gold Coast photographer Jack Sheard or local shredder Dane Bamberry over the Gram? Likely you’ve been drowning in misery alongside us as they drip feed what looks to be one of the finer seasons the North Shore has seen! An endless void of backdoor empties and dreamy pipeline pits has sent us stir crazy. With an all-star list of invites for the Mike Stewart Invitational we’re sure things are only going to heat up for the boysh!

Bammers Pipe Inny
Dane Bamberry with an invert at Pipe. Photo: Sheard

Beat Downs, Beat Ups and Sharks

A series of Northerly winds has left a more-than-reasonable build up of sand over the coast, which is now being put to the test with this new South swell. We’re cheering as loud as the last bloke, but make sure you’re keeping an eye out for your mates. Sand sandwiches definitely don’t sit high on our menu.

Gold Coast surfers are seemingly more aggravated than usual? A series of run-ins between surfers and bodyboarders has seen some heated confrontations around Fingal, D’bah and Snapper. Lets make sure we keep our heads screwed on when surfing dem hot spots ladies and gents.

Marine scientists have suggested leaking oils from a rotting whale carcass buried at Casuarina could be explanation to the rising numbers of shark sitings in the area. Surfers and ocean goers have been warned the whales leaking oils connecting with ground water could result in attracting more sharks to the area.

Whale Washed Up Casuarina
A whale carcass which was buried at Casuarina is reportedly attracting sharks to the area.

 Elliot Williams and The Big Smoke

Riptide #199 cover boy Elliot Williams has decidedly turned his back on the Gold Coast to move on to bigger and better things by venturing to the realms of Sydney with his girlfriend. Well-known for his dedication to the Kingscliff coastline, his outrageous haircuts and shark culling principles, we know his moving down the coast will leave a massive gap in the GC scene. We’ve little doubt he’ll have any troubles adjusting to the his new home. We wish him all the best, and look forward to seeing and hearing of his adventures on the South side!  


North Coast

by Dion Myers

Solid start to the new year
2016 started off with a bang. There was swell and waves for days with people scoring everywhere and anywhere. If you have been on the North Coast and haven’t scored since New Years’ then you are living under a rock! Trips north and south have been blessed with thick beachies and pulsing wedges. Taj Chapman, Peter Stocks, Keiran Riches and Matt Sullivan have been scoring waves alongside Dave Winchester and the Parkway Drive boys.
Holding On coming to town

There’s been a lot of hype an talk locally about the release of Holding On movie in February. Wingnut, Fordy, Rissole, Jarrod Gibson and Jason Finlay will be at the premiere in Coffs on the 19th of February. Get online to get the tickets!!

CCBA sign on
Coffs Coast Bodyboard Association will be kicking off again with the sign on and AGM on the 31st of January at the parklands at Park Beach. After the past couple of stellar years as a fledgling club, 2016 looks to be bigger and better than ever. So bring the family down to sign up and participate in all the action.
DK tour of Indo
Stevie Maher is organising an all DK boat trip around Sumatra with the local lads Mitch Ashcroft, Dion Myers and Matt Sullivan will be joining Azza Glossop, Tyson Ryan and a few others. There are still spots open if anyone is keen.
Return of the Mack
Lachy Mack has had a recent trip away scoring a few waves, then coming right back into the swells after landing back in town. Sean Lee has been scoring secret wedges and having a solid dig at what’s been presented to him!

Central Coast/Newcastle

by John Cruickshank – D5 Bodyboard Shop

The king’s arrival

The king is back! Dallas Singer stopped into his local stomping ground during this run of east swell and put on a clinic for the ever frothing crew of groms. Other standouts were palmerama, coach carter and switch hands gibson!

A new company has entered the market

Renowned Central Coast shaper Jarrad Gibson has setup his own brand, JG Boards, based in Newcastle. You can catch him roaming behind the scenes at D5 bodyboard shop, where he is sending his crafts to frothing customers around Australia.

Storms, swells and sharks

The unpredictable summer weather has continued, but if the swell keeps coming, then who cares?! Sharks are still living in the ocean, but it seems if you love to surf then its worth the risk!

The big storms caused some flooding throughout Newcastle, withe the D5 shop also copping three inches of water in its storage area. Fortunately no stock was damage in the flooding.

We want you!

Local bodyboarding clubs are getting ready for sign up for the new season, so get keen and support your crew! The Newcastle Bodyboard Club will hold its sign up on February 14 in conjunction with a Boogie Youth coaching clinic. Get down to what is sure to be a great day for local bodyboading.

Beach Fest

The annual Central Coast Beach Fest is less than two weeks away and will feature a bodyboarding contest. Click here for all the details.


By Des Govender – Emerald Bodyboard Specialists

Slow surf

The anticipated swell for the Cronulla region didn’t live up to expectation with only a few reports of waves from the usual spots. Others decided to roll the dice and head south but also struggled to find anything of worth.

Pyne on the rise

Cronulla local Shaun Pyne has his sights on the world tour for 2016 after receiving an invite to the Mike Stewart Invitational in Hawaii. The 27-year-old has been seen riding a Science board and Gyroll gear and hopes to get back on the tour in a big way. Pyne also made the trek down to South Australia recently with Brendan Newton and Jesse Blair and came away with some epic waves.

Island turns on

Shark Island put on a show at the start of the new year with many of the older crew regulating the lineup. Some of the notable riders include Andrew Lester, Ben Player, Alex Mills, Kane Cox, Ben Hall and Ben Williams all getting amongst it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.42.31 pm
Ben Player navigates the shocky out at the Island. Word is he made it out of this one. Photo: Heydon Bunting.

The return of the Skid Kid

Shark Island legend and one of the original Skid Kids, Nathan “Nugget” Purcell has returned to his spiritual home of Cronulla after nearly 10 years living in Western Australia. Word is Nugget has been dominating on the heavier days out at the Island like he never left the place!

Holding On premiere and tour

Speaking of Skid Kids, the world premiere of Holding On will take place at Sharkies Leagues Club on Saturday, February 6. It is pegged to be a who’s who of bodyboarding affair with many big names from across the country attending the event. If you haven’t purchased your ticket, do so now here.

South Coast

by Jason McCarthy – SWS Bodyboarding

Zac joins the Cartel

Zac Armytage has been rewarded for his recent efforts on the knee, landing a sponsorship US-based board company, Cartel Board Co.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.32.16 pm
Zac Armytage gracing the front page of Cartel Board Co’s website.

Blow ins

The South Coast has had its fair share of blow-ins of late with hordes of Sydney surfers making their way to some of the well-known reef breaks.

Mystics getting new facilities

Killalea State Park (Mystics) already have “The Farm” allocated as a surfing reserve and there have been conversations with the foreman to have Mystics car park updated for the bodyboarders to have better facilities. It had a positive response so far so hopefully we will see better security and some BBQ’s put into the area. 

Draggin’ along

A new board company has hit the market and comes straight from the minds of Stoke Factory weirdos Ryan Mattick and Dave Fox. Drag Board Co aims to shake up what they call a stale bodyboarding industry and has already singned a formidable team of shredders with Tom Rigby, Sam Bennett and Jordan Putland all on board. Read the interview with Ryan Mattick about the new company here.


by Eddie Wearne – Shed Nine

West Side

On the west side where the bushfires devastated the Wye river area and shut the great ocean road for a few weeks, Andrew Jens, reports good waves on Christmas day to ring in the new year. Those in the know would have seen the magic mile pumping. Everybody is heading south for the summer to get amongst it and most wish they were in the desert instead of at work!

Passing the torch

Caine Cherubrin shared his first surf with his toddler Kareem at Jan Juc around the same time as Eddie Wearne took his daughter Chloe for her first experience at Gunnamatta on the Eastside. Those two hope to pass on their love for the ocean to their next generation.

Road tripping’ and dude kissin’

Burn city’s, Dom Golch claims him and Matt Vann got pumping waves smashing out a road trip from northern Nsw back to Vic, he suggested Phris Cepping has been on the Jase Finlay tune, whilst flopping around on the wet South Coast scoring Meroo beachy and added that Felix Kennedy had an Australia day party and kissed a dude.

Baby Daddy

Old School vic legend Josh Morgan mentioned Tim O’Connor is now a dad. West Coast bodyboarders started up their new Facebook page and hopefully a new club, base in Warnambool. Josh frothed over Tawa Hura’s air reserve at the cape comp on video. He ask Boggy if he had a good surf, He shook his head “no” in depression, when Josh asked why, he said one word “Tawa” (tawa was ripping Haha).

Makin’ money

Corey Hannan has scored a new job in a beachfront Sorrento bar / restaurant dealing with all kinds of Melbourne high rollers, and reckons the tips are often worth the extra hours. He speaks of spending his hard earned on a new surfboard and flights somewhere tropical.

Far West news

On the far west Nathan Wilson reckons the Warnambool crew are surfing well, there’s been few good heavy days at Japs with some drainpipes! Timmy Milne and Luke Palmers are back charging, Ross Stewart, Jacko and Worm are all over it.

Til The End on Tour!

Marcus England’s latest instalment of The image films series is epic with some solid premieres, and monster hangovers wiping out half the state in both Warnambool and at Rye’s ShedNine. Look out Australia! Hectic Lunas and ‘stern, need we say more??

Josh Morgan threading the needle. Photo Jack Shepherd.

Cookin’ up something good

Jack Shepherd is in The Coook islands but still wanted to remind everyone that the Holding On premiere is on in Sorrento the night before the State titles at Rye and that tickets are available at ShedNine. Jack also took this epic photo (see above) of Josh Morgan out at an Inverloch bombie, apparently it was his first time on a lid in a couple of years.


by Nick Nairn-Smith


Summer is here and it’s good times. In between the many New Years festivities Tassie provides in Summer everyone is enjoying long days in the water. The West, East and South have all had waves at one time or another.


Remarks has enjoyed trademark summer banks. The cave has filled up with sand and Danny O’Donnell and Stu Debnem have been seen enjoying the heavy wedges. In between being a mad fisherman, Chris “Dreddo” Edwards took to some 4-6 foot days on his vintage Manta Wingnut ride. Alex Fitzgerald has also been seen dropping some rude double handed cutties down the peninsula in an attempt to impress his bae.    

Rebounds has had some fun side washing rights and surprisingly clear green water at times with Matt Jaeger, Stewart Cox and Thomas Webster seen trading wave for wave at a reasonable session several weeks ago. 

ABOVE: Harley Ward on a sparkly summer remarks wedge. Photo: Thomas Webster

West Love

North Coast legend Dick Emery reports that the West has been on fire at times. According to Dick the waves on the north coast have been dormant for a month but thankfully the west has delivered. A rarely surfed bowly left turned it up for Michael Ryan the Eberhardt brothers, Boof Hendrix, Slim Litner and the man himself. Thunder reef had the elements align with solid swell and super high tide for the most perfect conditions in recent memory with Nigel Eberhardt coming off second best and breaking two vertebrae in his lower back. Nigel is looking at six months high and dry to recover. Brent Mullet also escaped a neck injury with only a grazed forehead after hitting a concrete like sandbar at lighthouse beach on a drainer.

State News writer Nick Nairn-Smith dragged his board for 50kms on a multi-day trek on the remote West and surfed a rare and epic left sandbar to himself on a scorching 35 degree day wearing nothing but a 2mm short arm short leg wetsuit.

ABOVE: The Mythical West Coast Bank showing form with a howling North East wind. Photo: Nick Nairn-Smith

World Class

Found Boards shredder Harley Ward made it through many rounds of the Freesurf World Tour and did Tassie proud by taking down the likes of Andre Botha and only narrowly getting edged out of the grand final by Jeff Hubbard. He finished up with an incredible semi-finals result. 


Sammy and Cohen Thomas have escaped our little island to spend a month on a smaller island in the South Pacific, they allege they are going surfing but after their falls festival performances it is likely they may just end up at the islands infamous nightclub “rehab” for most nights of the month of January. Sam Ross survived a giant session at Governors Island and has trekked over to keep an eye on the two bothers and ensure they get out of bed early for some quality tropical pipes and ramps.   


Henry Dodge has returned for the summer and his surfing has improved out of sight after the past winter spent playing on the South Coast of New South Wales. Brent ”Dizzy” Madden has returned to the Apple Isle after leaving our shores many years ago to pursue a nomadic lifestyle bouncing around the world and visiting almost any country you can think of to name. On two back to back swells Dizzy came up trumps surfing pumping 10/10 Tycoons on Dusk and scoring empty Gumboots.

ABOVE: Dizzy “Maddog” Madden back on home turf and meeting new waves. Photo: Thomas Webster

Rumours and controversy

Big Stewart Cox, the wild party boy turned home renovator, has recently announced plans to buy a plot of land directly out front of his favourite wave the famous Tassie Kelp slab “Gumboots”. Rumour has it he wants to drop a cool Mill $$$ and set up a Surf camp offering boat transport to the break and erect a 20 meter high viewing platform from the shore. Best mate and local Bicheno photographer Matt Tildesley is said to be joining forces with the property mogul in the business venture. 


by Dylan Beach


Since our last post, the South Australian Bodyboard Club wrapped up the final comp of their 2015 season. In small but clean waves, Jasper Ashmoore took out the win over Jack Thomas, Ezra Golebioski in third and Ben Rayner in fourth. 2015 was another successful year for the South Australian Bodyboard Club.The year saw membership boom to an all time high with four successful competitions in super fun waves and the team rolling down to Robe for the Robe Bodyboard Bash earlier in the year. The 2016 season will see Dylan Beach step down as head honcho after the last three years and Jasper Ashmoore take up top position. With the first comp just around the corner, make sure you stay tuned to the social media pages for updates and registration.

Thomas Ling on a recent chase of waves- Photo: Harley Vincent

Waves Waves Waves

The festive season has been a bit hit and miss for us South Oz bodyboarders. The ol’ faithful Knights was very fruitful with a few really fun sessions that kept a few people sane. Guys like Ben Rayner, Karl Morgan, Nathanael Golebioski and Aden Arens have been turning a few heads each surf they have with some solid surfing at the wedge. The summer period has also lit up a few other lesser known spots around the state. Those few who made the effort to chase swells have been rewarded with some good waves the last few weeks, even some calls of ‘best evers’ we’re heard along the grapevine from a recent session that went down at a undisclosed reef. 

Travelling Gypsies 

Young gents Andro van der Westhuizen, William Pyke, Tom and Jack Williams will be deep in some Cook Island tubes by the time you read this. The team have been putting in some solid hours in the salt recently and should revel in the shallow little slabs that the Cook Islands produces. 

ono Ling same day as above photo. Photo: Harley Vincent

The travelling gypsy himself, Ben Rayner, has just returned from an epic year and a half trip around the world. Scoring a variety of waves in locations such as Portugal, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico which has shown in his development in of surfing since he’s returned.

Sponsorship news

Andro van der Westhuizen has just been picked up by Urban Bodyboards, a new bodyboard shop located in NSW. Nathanael Golebiowski has continued his roll after being picked up by Steve’s Place Surf Shop at Robe which is one of the core bodyboard shops in SA and Sun Zapper the last few weeks. We’re expecting big things from these young gents this year.


Rumour has it a new bodyboarding brand has stemmed out of the state. D’leashes is specialising in high quality leashes and bodyboarding accessories will hit the market very soon. A few birds have said that these are some of the most comfortable and high quality leashes that will be on the market. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled out for them in coming months.


Perth Region

by Oli Callisto – Pitz Board Culture

Holding On Premiere

The hype is real for what is set to be the greatest bodyboarding doco to come out in a long time is coming to Perth! Stoked to see more and more vids come over to the west coast and we are so stoked to be supporting them! Tickets are selling fast though so don’t sleep or you’ll miss your chance. BUY TICKETS HERE.


The usual summer southerlies are hitting the Metro area, but just down the coast, people have been scoring big time! :ocal filmer Jake Beazley captured the likes of Davis, Lewy, and a few other local shredders. 

Foam Riders Club

After the great success of the first round of Perth’s newest Bodyboard/Foamie Club, we are back for round 2 @ Scarborough Beach on the 30th/31st of Jan. It’s not too late if you want to join the clan, just hit up the dudes @ Pitz B.C and they will give you all the info you need to get you into the most laid back club goin’ around. 


South West

By Darren Hosker – Good Earth Surf Shop

Slow December

December started slow, windy, small swells lapped against the SW shores. Crew were getting restless. And talk that the summer had definitely come to haunt all was rife through out the boogie community. Particularly after a run of good swells through November things started off grim.

On Board premieres hit the South West

It soon heated up with the premiers of ‘On Board’ presented by Reeflex and a hectic little bus trip to the midwest and back. With an early start, the Reeflex Froth bus was loaded with a some of WA’s best up and coming groms and boogin stalwarts from around the SW. Questions flowed and stories were told for the trip up which covered up the long journey just nicely. Geraldton was more than welcoming and the 2 prems went off. An early rise the next day was a hazy proof that the night before was a cracker. Everyone clambered on the “not so froth bus’’ straight to the Midwest Club comp which started a great day on the beach. Big shout out to the Mid West Bodyboard Club and Chucky for putting on a great day. Cheers to Cian and Aidan Salmon along with their folks, and Peter, Maz and Lachlan Hearne for there hospitality. The trip home went a little slower but a feed of Mex in Leederville and the froth bus was all fuelled again. Another huge night was hosted by Cian and Family with help from Studio 2 and Pitz. So great to see such a mass of support for the film. Definitely showcased WA well. For one last time the bus was loaded and a not so frothing crew, again headed off home. A huge 47hrs!! Brilliant stuff Cian and all those involved!!

Christmas presents

Back home things didn’t really change small swells leading up to christmas was all that huey offered. Could christmas light up like last year? YEP!! It seems that a few lucky crew took a punt which proved a winner scoring a much loved summer swell magnet. Boxing day was gold and since the SW has had a flow of swell be it a little fickle from time to time.


The crowds at this time of year are the only constant so when its on its those more known spots have also been packed. Early birds get the worms ( or uncrowded pits) and those who have made the effort have definitely done well.

Tough times felt by all

Heading into January saw heavy times in the SW with bush fires devastating local communities. The follow on effect from these also affected the SWBC which was due to run a much needed stall at the Southbound 2016 event. Unfortunately, the club was left with no event and enough sausages to feed a small army. The club would like to thank all who helped keep the financial issues they faced to a minimum. A club fundraiser the following weekend for the club at Bunnings and a windup and sign up day at on the Sunday saw things gain momentum and get the club back on track. Memberships now available at Good Earth in Margs or Bunbury or email club at . The club would also like to let all know that all committee positions are needing to be filled for 2016 season. Pics and results for 2015 season from SWBC available on their FB page. Thanks to all committee members and sponsors for their support and help for 2015 season.

January surf

Much the same for January as it was in December until recently. Recent days have brought a couple of fronts to the SW coast, a heap of rain and new swell. All summer spots lit up again and gave punters the salt water clean out they all have been craving. Noah Symmans headed to the Margs region and scored some fun waves. Big wave charger Damien Martin has been seen hitting it up also. Nathan “Duck” Ducase has been seen more regularly in the water of late after his nasty surfing accident last earlier last year and is getting back to his best James Walsh also has been rumoured to be nearly 100% fit after back injuries has plagued his surfing for the past year. Now this guy loves it big so be expecting BIG stuff when he is back. Lookout AUTUMN!!!


More club stuff and the Ihms are taking over MBC. Nicole (mum of Jordyn Ihms) is fronting this club for 2016 and looking forward to a great year ahead. First event is soon so be sure to register soon as. So much grassroots in WA its gonna be a cracking year for sure. Get to your local club now hit em up on social media Southwest Bodyboard Club, Mandurah Bodyboard Club, Midwest Bodyboard Club ( Geraldton area) and Foam Riders (metro)

Finishing off….. bring on the swell !!!! Good luck to all those heading to Pipe for Mike Stewart Pipeline comp. WA represent!!!

Rumours from the West 

There are talks of a invitation comp featuring WA riders only to be held in the South West before Winter.

Rumour Mill

by The Squirrel

Has the fallout from some of the big changes in bodyboading in 2015 finally finished, or are more companies still facing potential closure?

Which highly regarded Australian bodyboarder has reportedly left his major board sponsor after refusing to take a pay cut?

Will the success of Holding On lead to more potential documentaries focusing on the riders and charaters that shaped our sport?

The confirmation of the Mike Stewart Pipeline Pro (as hinted in our last state news) has been welcomed by the bodyboarding community around the world. But will there be a webcast for everyone to see it?

Which Australian bodyboarder is looking towards finding more non-endemic sponsorships by marketing themselves as being talented in several extreme sports. Word is this bodyboarder has hired a renowned sports agent to help get the message across.

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