Watch “On Board” in full here

Featuring some of WA's top bodyboarders

select_logoWhen is the last time you got anything free? – not including those illegal Game of Thrones downloads.

Well the first full-length movie from WA filmer Cian Salmon is now available free of charge, and it is definitely worth your time.

Featuring a star-studded cast of West Australia’s top bodyboarders, On Board is a self-described “labour of love” spanning six years of footage whittled down into 40 odd minutes of non-stop action.

“The original idea was to shoot a gang of Geraldton based delinquents skating, sponging and doing dumb shit all over WA,” Salmon said.

“Since then it has morphed into something with slightly less dumb shit and a lot more sponging.

“It now represents the collective efforts of a diverse group of Western Australians and their attempts to have the most fun possible on their respective crafts.”


Ben Veitch
Ryan Hardy
Max Millet
Brady Summers
Lewy Finnegan 
Davis Blackwell
Geroge Humphreys
Kim Feast
Beau Ryan
Mitchell Schultz
Tom Forward
Kyle Ward