With new ownership comes big changes for one of the oldest and most iconic company’s in bodyboarding.

After the sale of Wham-O, parent company of Morey Bodyboards, BZ Bodyboards and Churchill Swimfins, to California-based distributors InterSport, all three brands are undergoing a complete revamp with all pro riders having their contracts ceased as a result.

California bodyboarder and former BZ team rider Jared Brown, who worked with the company under its previous ownership, has regained his position as Surf Brand Manager overseeing all operations for the three bodyboarding brands.

The schmick new Morey, BZ and Churchill offices in California. Source: Morey Bodyboards Facebook.

Brown said all professional riders previously under his management have been dropped from the team, but remains unsure of the contract agreements of some European and Australian riders such as Ewan Donnachie and Damien Martin.

He said he will be in charge of putting together a new pro team across all three brands.

“I hope to make the brands great again and bring back the originality of Morey and the high performance of BZ,” Brown said.

“I am looking forward to putting together a team of world class riders and ambassadors to showcase all the amazing products we have coming out.

Perhaps the most recognised bodyboard of all time, the Morey Mach 7-7.

“The bodyboard industry is one we all love and its time we gave it everything we got! We have big plans on taking back a lot of market share over the next few years. Look for big things to come from all of these iconic brands!”

Morey Bodyboards is the oldest company in bodyboarding, formed in 1971 by surfer and inventor Tom Morey who used an electric carving knife, household iron and scrap polyethylene foam to invent the very first bodyboard.

The company grew over time and has signed some of the legends of the sport on its team including Mike Stewart, Jay Reale and Keith Sasaki just to name a few.

Brown said his has begun designing and developing brand new products under the respective brand names and all will be revealed on new websites to go live in 2016.