If you haven’t heard by now, professional standup surfer, reality TV show star and one of the best surfers ever at Pipeline, Jamie O’Brien, has been confirmed as an invitee for the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational event this month.

JOB is no stranger to riding the bodyboard with this year’s contest marking the second time he has competed in the event after receiving a wildcard back in 2013.

During the 2013 Pipeline Pro JOB put in a strong effort however was knocked out in his opening heat after “losing his fin” (see footage below).

The Hawaiian is also regularly seen riding the bodyboard, amongst a myriad of other bizarre surf crafts, at Keiki Shorebreak and is good friends with respected Hawaiian bodyboarders including Mike Stewart and Jeff Hubbard to name a few.

His addition is seen as good publicity for the sport of bodyboarding, with media outlets outside of bodyboarding reporting on the surprising addition and the APB even conduction a (brief) interview with the man.

However, the addition of a professional surfer to a bodyboarding contest has stirred much debate amongst the bodyboarding fraternity, with many arguing JOB has taken the place of other more deserving bodyboarders who want a shot at competing at Pipeline.

So we put it to the people, do you think JOB should be invited to the contest? Why? Cast your vote below and leave your response in the comments (also below).