Social media feeds lit up last week when ex-TC Victor hammered the South East Queensland coastline with an impressive groundswell.

But while the usual suspects of Snapper Rocks, Burleigh and South Stradbroke had their share of fun waves, it was the beaches to the north where the waves were truly firing.

Local photographer Kieran Tunbridge was on hand to capture the action at a spot that only breaks once in a blue moon and says youngster Simon Cassidy took home the title of scoring the ride of the day.

“Before the pre swell hype began online we saw the swell on the buoys and instantly thought of this spot,” Kieran said.

“It’s pretty hard to score good because every factor of the swell needs to be spot on. All I’ll say is that this is on the Sunshine Coast (some idiot will comment it anyway), too many people are getting locations spoon fed to them these days and the adventure element of scoring waves is disappearing.

“There was 100+ guys out, we saw a few bombs roll through so the boys suited up and got out there. If you’ve seen any of the photos from here online this one of young Simon Cassidy is 100% the biggest and deepest one anyone got that day.”

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