Without Limits – Shane Ackerman

Five and a half minutes of pure insanity

select_logoWell, this is just insane.

Hold on to your seat as Wollongong nutcase Shane Ackerman takes us on a visual journey of his past 12 months.

The 23-year-old went balls to the wall last year in his attempt to slide his small frame into some of the biggest, ugliest and scariest waves around the world.

Joined by film guru and good mate Conor Hegyi, the pair travelled to notorious big wave spots in Tasmania, Tahiti and South Coast in their quest for big wave glory.

The film also features interviews by fellow big wave madman Brendan Newton and three time world champion Ben Player.

Without Limits has set the bar high for video clips in 2016.


Filmed And Edited By: Conor Hegyi

Music By:

Beautiful Awesome ATMOS311-64 Epic Cinematic Pop ll

Collapsing Time UTS022-4 The Vortex Force

Colourful Blooms ATMOS340-12 Epic Electronica

Additional Footage By:

Tim Bonython

Glen Sullivan

Spencer Frost