Bodyboarding is finally starting to reach an age where vintage boards, predominantly those made in the 80s and 90s glory days, are fetching a pretty penny online.

Dedicated retro bodyboard collectors and fans are growing in numbers with many seen searching at garage and car boot sales along with the regular online haunts in search of a rare score.

But this Gold Coast collection may just be the holy grail of vintage bodyboards in Australia, if not, the world.

The Tweed Heads bodyboarding diehard, who wishes to remain nameless, has put his entire vintage collection, consisting of 37 hard to find boards, up for sale on Gumtree.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.45.47 PM

The boards must be bought as an entire collection, with the owner not budging on individual sales.

And while there is no definitive price on the collection, the owner has hinted at each board costing around $200. Multiply that by 37 and you are looking at $7,400 for the lot.

A large dollar for some foam you might say? Perhaps, but with vintage 60s surfboards now going at upwards of $10,000 and $20,000 each, it might be a small price to pay for a large part of bodyboarding history.

While nearly every board in this collection would leave us drooling, some are particularly of note such as the Morey “Kit” 132 BE which was personally shaped by Tom Morey in his Carlsbad garage back in 1974.

Have a look at the description and list below and see for yourself!

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After collecting primarily Morey bodyboards since the 1990s, I’ve decided to part with my beloved collection of vintage bodyboards. This is not a fire sale and this will be sold as a complete collection only, so please do not ask if I will separate. Of course I’m prepared for some ridiculous lowball offers from non-genuine bodyboard collectors, so please don’t be offended when I do not reply to your offers.

I have kept some boards that have sentimental value to me (see white spaces), but the rest is an amazing collection of boards in immaculate condition. Several boards are still in their original shrink wrap from ~1980. One notable board is a 1974/75 original Morey “kit” 132 BE board hand shaped by Tom Morey in his Carlsbad garage.

It’s a rare opportunity that such an incredible collection is up for sale. There are 37 boards in total (one is not pictured – see below). This is a great opportunity for avid collectors to get all of those hard-to-find boards in one hit, or upgrade some of your poor condition boards with some of near mint quality. Or if you’re starting out as a collector, what a great way to establish an amazing collection at once. These are definitely an investment as they continue to rapidly grow in value.

Price is by negotiation, but as a guide, the average board price would be around $200 (wouldn’t that be a nice price for the Mach SCS?). This many boards will not be shipped, so pick up would be required from the Tweed Region.

All boards for sale are listed below by row and as shown from left to right in the photos.
1st row:

Turbo XL-R8 (‘Red stripe’ model. Still sealed)

Mach 7-7 (2nd gen. with ‘bar sticker’)

Mach 7-7 (1st gen. black slick)

Waimea Pro (‘Splatter’ graphic model)

Morey “Kit” 132 BE (1974, personally shaped by Tom Morey in his Carlsbad garage)

Mach 20 XL

Mach 11-X

Mach SCS

2nd row:

Turbo Mike Stewart Pro Comp II (Still sealed),

Turbo XL-R8 (‘Zebra print’ model. Still sealed)

Morey Mike Stewart Mach 7-7 (Metallic blue slick)

Mach 7-7 (3rd gen. Clear Rainbow sticker model)

Morey Boogie 141

Morey 136 Pro line Red Edge (Only released in USA)

Morey Boogie 137 (Never seen water)

Morey Boogie 135 (Never seen water)

Mach 4

Mach Gripper (Still sealed)

Mach 20 RS (Rainbow bar deck design)

A-Tach Pro (Still sealed)

Mach 8-TX (Red)

Mach 8-TX (Green)

3rd row:

Morey Dave Hubbard Mach 7-SS

Morey Mike Stewart Mach 7-7 (White slick)

Mach 7-X

Jay Reale Mach 7-SS

Morey (Still sealed with leash – circa 1980 – rare transition model)

Mike Stewart C-42

Mach 1

Morey Waterboard (Still sealed)

Morey Kahala (Still sealed)

Morey Aussie II

Mach 6

Bronzed Aussie

Morey Wiki-Wiki

Morey Ronk (Lanson Ronquilio model)

Morey Steve Mackenzie Limited Edition (Still sealed)

Not pictured

Morey Mike Stewart Mach 7-40 (Still sealed – 1994 – White slick)

See the listing for yourself HERE