Rocky Point may not be the best wave on the North Shore, but it offers a much welcome reprieve from the crowds and intensity of Pipeline.

So when the word got out that “Rockies” was working, the Aussie contingent of Marli Dunn, Lachlan Cramsie, Nick Gornall, Dane Bamberry, Mitch Tomkins, Shaun Pyne and Ryan Sewell were all over it along with localsĀ Tanner McDaniel and Jonny Correa.

“It was so good to surf my home break with all my Australian mates,” Correa said.

“This week at Rockies was the best I had seen it in two years.

“This was actually my first wave. I was so hyped and a little nervous not to blow it. Stoked that (Josh) Tabone was there to get the goods!”

Sequence by Josh Tabone.