Sacha Damjanic’s Chilean Affair

We’re unsure as to what it is about Sacha Damnjanic’s latest clip that’s got our attention..

Could it be the list of eye-catching sponsors young Damnjanic has acquired? An extensive list which is not limited to some kind of Chilean hot dog brand.
Maybe the attention catcher is the techno shiz that’s been tracked and will probably remain ringing through your head the larger part of Saturday, should you choose to hit play.

Or maybe it’s simply down to the fact Sacha is undeniably tearing his Chilean home apart? A well-armed clip of big waves, big sections and big moves. We’ve little doubts you’re going enjoy this. Kids going places.

Footage – Henrry Nuñez, Intrios, Matias Diaz, Sebastian Siede, Pascal Desgrouxe
Edit – Peso Visual, Sebastian Olivares