Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational Day One Highlights

Still reeling from the fact there was no webcast for the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational?

That’s okay, this will surely mellow your mood.

While a pixel-filled webcast might have been okay until you threw your computer out the window in a fit of rage, Mike decided to throw his pennies behind a better product, and we think you will be pleased with the results.

Aussie editing guru Todd Barnes (of Thash,Thrash’d and Trash fame) got behind the controls to put together one of the best post event highlight reels we have ever seen.

So make yourself a herbal tea, release them negative vibes, and soak in 5 and a half minutes of pure bodyboarding bliss. Featuring all the best waves from an historic day of competition at the Banzai Pipeline.

Because despite the lack of a webcast and the lack of sponsorship prize money, it’s things like this that wash away the pain and remind us all of why we love this sport so bloody much.


Edited by Todd Barnes

Filmed by Chris KincadeTyler RockChris LatronicPaulo Barcellos and Fabio Aquino

Courtesy of Science Bodyboards and APB Tour