Guilherme Tamega and Jamie O’Brien rescue bodyboarder at Pipeline

A bodyboarder has been rushed to hospital in a critical condition after suffering a dangerous wipeout at Pipeline yesterday afternoon.

Dylan McGinn, from New Jersey, USA, was surfing during rough six to eight foot conditions at the notorious break when he wiped out and hit his head on the reef.

Six-time world bodyboarding champion and Hawaiian lifeguard Guilherme Tamega was surfing at the time when he witnessed the McGinn’s bodyboard tombstoning in the water and swam over to it.

Tamega proceeded to pull the McGinn from the water and swam his unconscious body towards the shoreline.


Hawaiian surfer Jamie O’Brien and Tahitian bodyboarder Tahurai Henry were watching from the shore when they were notified of the situation by construction workers standing on the roof of the Volcom house, which overlooks Pipeline.

The two then rushed to the water with surfboards to help Tamega bring McGinn in to shore.

“I was standing on the beach watching the waves with Jamie (O’Brien) when we saw the man catch the wave and fall off,” Henry said.

“Next thing one of the workers on the roof yelled out to us that the man hadn’t come up to the surface.

“We quickly rushed back to Jamie’s place, grabbed some boards, then ran into the water to rescue him.”

By the time Henry and O’Brien had reached Tamega, McGinn was unconscious and foaming from the mouth.

Other bystanders entered the water to bring the man to shore, including APB CEO Alex Leon, UFC fighter and bodyboarder Eric Apple and members of the Hawaiian lifeguard.


After bringing the man to the shoreline, Tamega and other Hawaiian lifeguards began performing CPR.

“He was purple in the face and he did not look like he was in a good state,” Leon said.

“It was lucky Tamega was there. If he wasn’t he might have not survived.”

Eventually the lifeguards brought McGinn back to into a conscious state, and he was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

McGinn is now in a stable condition and currently recovering in hospital.


The rescue comes just months after South African bodyboarder Andre Botha rescued pro surfer Evan Geiselman at the same break on Hawaii’s North Shore.

Pipeline is regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous surf breaks, with numerous surfers losing their lives at the break.

The incident happened on the eve of the final day of the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational, which will see the world’s top bodyboarders compete at the deadly break.

Footage and photos courtesy of Joao Ricardo Images