Much like his hero Paul Roach and good mate Matt Lackey, Gold Coast dropknee shralper Tyson Ryan loves his metal.

So we asked Tyson to give us five of the most head-banging, body thrashing, satan worshipping and stage-dive-inducing tunes that get him psyched up before he tears buckets on the peak walls of D’bah.

Above: D’bah barrel goodness. Photo by Matt Lackey

1. Reign In Blood By Slayer (1986)

This was the first song I ever heard from this band in my early teens. Seen live twice, No fucking around heavy riffs and who could forget the mental Roach/Lackey section with an epic display of Dropknee in the No Friends days of glory!?

2. Ride On By Skullfist (2011)

First time I listened to this band was Nick Mc’Neil (Cronulla bodyboarder) showing me this Canadian Speed Metal band. I remember I was like, “dude, I hadn’t heard anything like this of the sort, fucking epic!” I used this song in my last clip I made two years ago and got to meet and drink with the band in Canada! Good times indeed!

Above: Tyson tears bags at a luscious Autumn D’bah bowl.

3. Riot In Everyone By Crashdiet (2005)

Again, this is another band that Nick Mc’Neil showed me several years ago on the way to work one day. Pretty much become my favorite band for some years and also got to see them live in Sydney in 2010, meeting and drinking backstage with them. Explosive song that really gets the blood pumping for a surf and a drinking session!

4. Unholy Confessions By Avenged Sevenfold (2003)

I was at the tender age of 14 when I discovered my first taste of metal. I remember I was in Tasmania for a Nationals competition. I would sit in the caravan I was staying in and study the lyrics from the CD cover insert for hours on end, listening to these thumping riffs take over my soul. I’ve seen them a handful of times live over the past couple of years. The track has been used in Jono Bruce’s old section in Visions (boog flick by Kenny Willis) quite a few years back.

5. Master Of Puppets By Metallica (1986)

What can I say? Eighties thrash metal and fast dropknee go hand in hand, no questions asked. Old Metallica pretty much speaks for its self and gets you amped for pretty much anything that involves a good vibe! I can recall Lackey even made a self-edited clip with some old footage and seems to be passing it along to the newer stuff too. I’ve seen them play twice over last couple years but it is still nothing on the old days!