I was just a pre-pubescent grom who was bored high school computer class when I stumbled upon a legendary bodyboarding website called NetBB, which boasted the world’s only 3D “Bodyboard Designer”.

It featured a CAD software-like model of a roughly cut out bodyboard, and gave the options of choosing colours for the deck, nose, rail and tail as well as options to adjust the length, width, and overall shape of the board.

The program was raw and basic to say the least, but I would spend nearly every minute of my classes fiddling and mucking around with the colours and shape, creating a whole range of ridiculous shapes, as well as potential colour combinations.

Eventually NetBB would merge with the (also legendary) Fluidzone.com to become a beast during the early days of online bodyboarding communities. However after a brief run, the board designer was sadly removed.

Since then, there hasn’t been much in terms of designing your own board online, QCD Boards brought out their colour selector which sort of does the trick, but I still wanted more.

Fortunately, the creative Frenchmen over at Pride Bodyboards have heed the call and brought out their very own 3D Shaping Room, which allows bodyboarders to customise the size, shape, contour, and colours of their board – and then proceed to the checkout!

Pride 3D module

The Shaping Room features a two step process for those interested in creating and buying a board:

Step 1 the template, the size, the stringers combination and the mesh.

Step 2 the colourways of the board.

“Once the customer has been taken through the customisation process by The Shaping Room module, the board will be made to order by our Pride shapers and then delivered back in four to six weeks from our factory to the customer,” Pride bodyboards product manager Jeremy Arnoux said.

“The customer is now part of the shaping process and can build his own custom bodyboard adapted to the conditions he rides and to his own style of surfing.

“From 34’’ to 45 inches, in NRG+ or PP, 1 or 3 stringers, every possible combination can be made. ”


For more information, visit pridebodyboards.com