As bodyboarders, we would much rather see our hard earned coin go towards a company that puts it back into the sport rather than multi-national surfwear giants.

However for many of our boogie sisters, that idea has been near-impossible when it comes to buying wetsuits, with many bodyboarding brands ignoring the females who want to represent their sport during the colder months.

But the crew at Reeflex have come to the rescue after releasing a range of girl’s wetsuits that were designed by their “X-Girls” bodyboarding team including Lilly Pollard, Rio Clarke and SophieJayne Leathers.

Above: The “Rio” spring suit.


As far as I know, this is the first bodyboard company, particularly in Australia that is having a go at making specific women’s bodyboarding wetsuits,” Reeflex owner Ryan Hardy said.

“I know there have been perhaps European and South American brands that have produced women’s wetsuits but this is the first line I think that is directly designed by and for women bodyboarders.”

Hardy said his wife Leah was the driving force behind the range, taking over design, cut, colouring and sizing duties.

“She drew on the ideas and sample feedback from our Ladies team riders Lilly Pollard, Rio Clarke and Sophie Leathers to create the suits that will feature in our 2016 range.

Above: The “Sophie-Jayne” spring suit

“We are looking forward to supporting professional women’s bodyboarding in the years to come and we will be watching on eagerly as the girls push the level of the sport to new heights!”


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Above: The “Lilly” steamer