If you were watching the Men’s Dropknee final at the ABA Tour D’Bah Pro 2015, you may have noticed versatile maestro Dave Winchester tearing up the tasty peaks on a peculiar shaped board.

The board shared the same shape and dimensions as his famous prone pro model, however looked like it’s nose copped a blasting from a belt sander.

Turns out the shape worked a treat for Winny, who went on to win the D’Bah as well as become the Dropknee champion of the 2015 tour.

Now the board will be available to the public for a limited time only.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.15.24 pm

“I basically got Dan (Sivess – head shaper at VS) to shape me a board up that was like my prone board but with a snubbed nose,” Winchester told RT correspondent Dion Myers.

“He made one for me and I loved it and went onto to win the D’bah pro on it. It really worked well and felt like it wasn’t getting caught on turns.

“I’ve put a double stringer PP mesh into to the core to make it string and super fast down the line.
“I had a lot of interest about it so VS has done a very limited run into production which will be in Australia in a couple of months.”
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.16.32 pm
Above: Winny tearing bags on his DK model board. Photo by Reece Dobbin.

From our understanding, this will be the first time ever in bodyboarding where a rider will have two different shaped pro models, one for prone and one for dropknee.

We also think this board might prove popular for those 50/50 riders looking for a versatile sled.
More details to come.