Sniper bodyboards release Rip The Pit retro tribute range

Finally, bodyboarding is at an age where we can take a nostalgic look at the good ol’ days, and laugh our asses off!

Wetsuit pants (a la Mike Stewart) have made a significant comeback, retrospective documentaries like Holding On have enjoyed huge success, and now board companies are cashing in on the craze with retro model boards (like the QCD Wingnut model).

But French company Sniper Bodyboards might lay claim to being one of the first to invest in this retro boogie revival, having released their special range of BZ, Turbo and Morey inspired boards back in 2014.

The release also came with an scene-for-scene rendition of the infamous Rip The Pit song “We’ve Got It All”.

But better still, their retro range has grown in size, and now features various legendary colourways as well as retro idiosyncrasies (speed dimples anyone?).

The new Sniper Bodyboards Tribute Series range. Can you name the boards these are taken from?

We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to post Sniper’s epic remake, as well as the original below.

Also, if you haven’t yet seen Holding On, get your hands on a copy for some amazing inside commentary on the making of Rip The Pit and Brett Young’s fledging pop star career.

Sadly, Sniper Bodyboards are not stocked in Australia. But you might be able to get your hands on one through their website here.