In theory, the hack reverse is a simple manouevre.

It is a stable move in the quiver for many groms looking for extra points in their comp heats, and can be executed quite easily when approaching a fat shoulder with ample speed.

But there are not many people on the planet that can do it the way Ben Player can.

Clean, powerful and oozing with style, BP has perfected his reverses down to a fine art. And there might be no place he likes to do it more than his spiritual home of Blackrock.

Sunshine Coast photographer Jack Gore managed to witness BP in his natural habitat during a trip down south last year, and was able to capture the triple world champion throwing buckets in his signature style.

“It wasn’t the biggest day on the charts by any means, but we decided to get a late afternoon session in at this place, which I was pretty happy about after seeing it on many a movie and photo,” Gore said.

“We ended up getting it pretty fun, with not much of a crowd around at all from memory. It was good to watch Ben effortlessly slice through them, and managed to get this one of a rather impressive hack rev.

“By the end of the session there were just a handful of us really, and a few whales in real close for sunset, which was pretty cool.

“I really just like the way how easy he made it look. No bogged rail, large shower off the back, and he came straight back around and into the pocket. So tidy.”


Above: Ben Player throwing a spray that would make most WSL surfers green with envy. Photo by Jack Gore.

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