One of the latest in a seemingly endless line of talented riders coming out of the South Coast, Oden Malitz has been pushing the limits of his riding lately.

Much like fellow South Coast psychopath Shane Ackerman, the Ulladulla teen – and Riptide Youth alumni – is not one to shy away from a bomb set.

So when this unmakeable beast made its way towards this notoriously shallow South Coast slab, Oden was poised to take it on – no questions asked.

Budding South Coast photographer Leon Bushnell was standing on the rocks when he saw this wave came through, and managed to snap an amazing moment in time as Oden goes for broke.

Knowing there was some swell I went for a walk with my camera. I got to where you check the surf and realised the swell had come up even more since I checked it last.

I looked over the the local slab and noticed that there was a crowd out the point I then walked over and there were some kegs coming through. Not many waves getting made even by the boys getting towed in.

This wave of Oden’s was the second one I saw come through and it was a smoker, Oden turned around and paddled it and got absolutely flogged but very entertaining for me aswell as every one watching on the rocks hahahaha!

Photo by @leonbushnell_photography