Is Noah Symmans Australia’s Best Grom?

After the graduation of the “three amigos” (Blackwell, Humphries and Finnegan) into adulthood, the next crop of West Australian grommets are looking just as dangerous as their predecessors.

And leading the charge might just be Albany’s Noah Symmans.

The reigning Australian Open Men’s Bodyboarding Champion (at least in Surfing Australia’s eyes) has continued his dominant form in 2016, taking out the inaugural Lee Graffin McCurdy Invitational earlier this month. And after watching this clip, you can see why the kid from Albany is creating a buzz across the country.

Filmed around his hometown, and, of course, some Mandurah Wedge action in there for good measure, this clip shines a light on just one small part of the fervent group of grommies who are flipping and spinning like mad at your local break.

Filmed and edited by Merlyn Moon